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Yogibo Bean Bags Review: *Pros and Cons* Are They Worth Buying?

Do you want to try unique, comfortable, fun seatings with great value in your life? Discover the Yogibo Bean Bags. Let us determine if this brand is only perfect for kids or people with particular conditions alone, or for anyone who wants comfortable resting. Read our Yogibo Bean Bags review to the end and learn from the expert.

Some people around the world have different health conditions. While you want seatings that guarantee comfortable relaxation and being, people are still looking for the perfect seats to help their kids with cerebral palsy sit comfortably.

However, getting these comfortable and high-quality seatings takes a lot of work. Therefore, we are pleased to present you with one option on the market that offers comfort and innovative seating perfect for any lifestyle and age group. Through their unique and versatile design, Yogibo Bean Bags can be your perfect choice for unwinding and in a relationship mood.

Read our Yogibo Bean Bags review and find out more about the brand as well as their unique seatings to make the right decision. Let us start with the company’s history before looking at the best-selling items and customer feedback.

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Yogibo Bean Bags Review

Yogibo is a fashion brand that was founded in 2009 by Eyal Levy. The founder’s mission was to help people with different conditions feel safe and comfortable in tune with themselves and their surroundings. Today, the company specializes in enhancing your relations through its extensive collection of high-quality supportive lounging moves.

In the inventory, you will have multiple pods, chairs, and related accessories made using EPS foam beads. Specifically, their loungers ensure they offer you much-needed ergonomic support. Thus, they are easy to clean and lightweight to carry around. Even though the brand has established its name in designing the unique and traditional hard and uncomfortable Bean bag chair, they have established a strong reputation through multiple famous media outlets.

They have been featured in magazines such as Forbes, Men’s Journal, etc., with thousands of followers on social media accounts. If you are ready to enhance your relationship, Yogibo Bean bags might be your choice though we need to find out. Through the collection, the company can prove that you can transform the power in your space, mind, relationships, and body at large with the relevant chair.

While the company started mainly to offer the comfort goal, today, their bean bag chairs have been of great relief, especially to those people suffering from back pain or having underlying neck issues. They have also played a part in helping many customers having sensory conditions. A good example is autism. The company’s headquarter is based in Nashua -New Hampshire; it was launched with only a single product in its store.

Today, the firm has expanded and is now available in over 120 regions in the US, extending to Taiwan, Korea, Japan as well as Canada. With great coverage, the company has also increased its product collection, which we will check out as best-selling. But before that, we also have to go through the pros and cons, which is a relevant comparison in evaluating the brand if it’s hype on the market today.

Yogibo Bean Bags Pros:

  • Products come with one warranty.
  • They offer shipping not only to the US but also to Canada, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan
  • There are numerous styles, models as well as colors to select from.
  • They are simple with lightweight to carry along
  • multiple promotions as well reward programs to customers
  • Their covers are washable by machine
  • You can also access add-ons and accessories under one roof to enhance comfort.
  • Won multiple positive customer reviews online.

Yogibo Bean Bags Cons:

  • Unfavorable return policy with a short return window.
  • The customer incurs return shipping costs

Why We Like Yogibo Bean Bags

If you are searching for a giant pod capable of helping snuggle the kids or need a supportive pillow to help you at night, this site is the right place to be. Yogibo provides an extensive collection of Bean bags for all ages and gender and is compatible with outdoor activities. All these products are pet friendly, and their durability makes them popular.

Thus, we will help you make the right decision in this review section. Besides the above pros and cons analysis, we still love this company for numerous reasons. We will, thus, go through some of their best-selling products, from the bean bags to the covers, pillows, and pods.

The Best-Selling Yogibo Bean Bags

The fact remains that these Yogibo bags are unique. For this reason, we will list some of the favorable lounges meant to fit a maximum of four people. We start the list with the double and most popular bag. Yogibo Double uses a giant cover combined with two max bean bags. It comes with the dimension 6x4x2 inches, which can support upto a max of 4 people at once, and weighs 40 lbs. this means among the Yogibo bean bags, this sits the heaviest as well as larges of all with the option to split when the need arises.

Second is the MaxBean bag that also fits up to 4 people. It guarantees you not only comfortable relaxation but also an excellent lounging experience. Become a hog and enjoy this bean bag featuring the zero gravity feeling as it conforms alongside the body curves. It gives you support up to where it’s needed, which covers from the knees to the neck. It would help if you propped it upright while sitting on a chair for maximum enjoyment. It contains beads to help maintain its shape due to its weight of 19 lbs. It is available in 13 colors to select from.

Last is Yogibo short. This comes in 4 inches to give a compact version compared to the max. It is excellent alongside the recliner. However, you can use it with the small kid as a lounger. They Are used on occasions such as s kids’ games, in your relaxation room, etc., which creates an inviting and peaceful surrounding. Like lavender, it is also available in 12 soothing tones.

The Best-Selling Yogibo Covers

Another selling point of the Yogibo products is their large collection of convenient and machine-washable covers. The covers are designed using spandex and a cotton blend, making them durable even with the kids’ pressure and all sorts of messes. Therefore, if you want to bring something new into your room, Yogibo gives you unique and multiple hue covers.

Some of the best-selling Yogibo covers include Double Cover. This is specifically meant for use along the Double Bean bag. It is also the largest lounger and is available in 8 unique colors. You can select ocean blue if you are after deep tones or go for an intense plum shade like purple hue.

There is still a max cover that is our favorite with multiple actions. Though your chair with a bag gets stains, you are taken care of with this Cover. This Cover is here to save your day and is available to choose from 13 fashion and trendy colors. The last one is the Yogibo Short Cover. These covers, despite them being small, are sweet, and the company gives you about 14 bright shades or soothing colors to select from in the inventory.

For a peaceful room, get the gentle blue, while when you have a games room, purchase the yellow with electric buzz to bring more energy. Upnest is the pods.

The Best-Selling Yogibo Pods

Yogibo pods are vital; based on our experience, you need them for ultra-individual comfort. These pods are made to offer you extra support when you are seated. We have also noted the honest Pod in the market and on their website.

Yogibo pods are my favorite and are designed for individual people to relieve pressure. However, they are only ideal when used in small spaces because it occupies roughly 3 inches with 13 lb weight. You can access the pods in-store and choose between 7 eye-popping shades to add more flair.

The Best-Selling Yogibo Pillows

Yogibo also goes the extra mile to provide customers with a comfortable pillow that enhances the experience with a lounger. In this section, we will only feature a few pillows that are specifically made for a particular situation.

First is the Yogibo support pillow. They are ideal for propping your bed as well as your chair. Thus, you can prop the head up to sleep comfortably or put it across while reading or watching on a laptop table. These pillows tend to confirm the body’s needs and curves hence hel[s you stay in shape by molding. They are available in 15 shades, and the choice depends on the preference you have at hand.

The second and last is Yogibo Roll. Roll is rounded and long; it has a sausage-like shape and measures 5 inches, weighing 6 lbs. It also features the EPS beads filling it to ensure it retains its shape while acting as a pressure reliever. On the Bean bags max, you can spread the pillow on the body to give you extra support and comfort. It is good for pregnant women or when used as a side sleeper to bring in an ultra- cozzy feeling.

Yogibo bean bags are made with Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) foam beads. It is the presence of these heads that customers experience the zero gravity feeling that is then capable of helping release the pressure. You need to note that Yogibo covers are 100% machine washable. However, ensure you follow the right procedure, such as zipping the Cover and then utilizing the cold cycle, and when done, tumble dry on low.

Otherwise, you can sleep on the Bean bags such as max and Pod without issues as long as you have grabbed your blanket. Interestingly, these Yogibo Best-selling products are meant for the whole family use. Even though there are unique and different types of products, all are used on different occasions but serve the whole family to offer pressure point relief. They are also pet-friendly, making them a fantastic choice while reducing back pain.

Customer Review

Yogibo products, from the Bean Bags to the furniture from appearance are comfortable. However, we must find out if these products are hype. We must hear what past customers say about these products to get the real deal. Thus, our review will dive into the customer feedback from various sites.

However, we start by browsing through the official website At this point, the site carries numerous feedback where customers compliment the brand for offering high quality, durable, and effective Bean bags. Looking at the feedback, the firm gets roughly 5-star ratings after 3850 customer reviews left on the site. Fro9m the data, the Yogibo brand is hype. One customer compliment the shorts stating:-

” Room The Yogibo Short is a brilliant addition to our living room. We live in a 1,200-square-foot flat with limited space, and this perfectly matches it. It conforms to your body and is extremely long-lasting and convenient.”

We also explored the reviews on Amazon and found that Yogibo Max scores 4.3 stars with a 714 global rating. This is excellent feedback, and it clearly indicates customers are satisfied with the orders. Though some raised durability issues, it does not seem consistent.

On the Reviewed USA Today site, the author also delves deep into the Yogibo bean Bags to determine if these products are what they claim to be. The most selling assets are lightweight, have a huge collection to select from, high quality, and are compatible with anyone who wants comfort.

And definitely on the Slumber Search, the brand continues to show its indefinite and incredible customer satisfaction. Generally, the blog author gives the brand 9 stars score out of 10, considering the cooling, comfort, and support the company offers customers.

Another site that brings out the product’s versatility is The Sleep Judge, which scores 3.5 stars. The author considers the Max material composition, the outer and inner covers, and the filling. Going further, the Best Products blog also highlights the Max ultra-versatility Bean Bag seat and concludes that the seat is the most comfortable now on the market. The products mark all the lines based on the reviewing aspects, and the author had to conclude the product with the statement:-

“The Yogibo Max bean bag has a washable façade and is incredibly long and gentle. Ideal for lounging in your sitting room or preventing your children from ruining the sofa.”

The above proves that Yogibo Bean bags are hype on the market. Most customers are happy with their orders and keep coming for more with guaranteed versatility, comfort, and great value for the money. Grab your piece for the whole family today.

Where to Buy Yogibo Bean Bags

Yogibo bags are in high demand, and you may still wonder where to access them. If you have a person or kid in need or want to use it for comfort, you can order the Yogibo Bean Bags from their official website, This is the only best place to order and enjoy multiple promotions, as seen in the next section. However, you can also prefer ordering from other online retailers to purchase extra products. for this case; our research also revealed that Yogibo Bean Bags are available in online stores such as:-

Are Yogibo Bean Bags Worth It?

The Yogibo brand has played a part in the lives of so many customers. Most people online have complimented the Yogibo Bean Bags for not only helping people with back pain conditions get comfortable rest p[osition but also has relieved many by making sense in different aspects. The fact remains that only loungers today do not offer enough ergonomic support that is much needed, and these traditional tools further aggravate back pain conditions.

Therefore, Yogibo is here to stay and doesn’t just target supporting people with back pain issues; their Yogibo Bean Bags are available for family use. Their bags or seats are compatible with any occasion, such as taking afternoon naps and bed support when reading, gaming, and outdoor lounging. Their lineup is large, and what amazes us with other customers is the broad color options.

The Yogibo Bean Bags and other products also have a one-year manufacturer warranty. There is countless positive customer feedback online praising this brand. Therefore, purchasing the Yogibo Bean Bags guarantees you possess high-quality and winning comfortable seating bags worth your money. It’s just a click away, and you can enjoy these promotions and discounts.

Yogibo Bean Bags Discounts

This Yogibo Bean Bags product is not only here to offer you a seat to chair but rather goes into giving you the ergonomic support you want. It acts as a therapy tool or gives you a perfect place to cuddle with your girlfriend or boyfriend. On top of their great value, we also searched the internet for the deals they offer customers.

Therefore, when pushing this product, rest assured of enjoying lucrative deals. While writing this review, we realized there are many deals and offers for you. Therefore, using the promo code FEEL, you can enjoy 10% off on storewide products, including free shipping, with orders totaling $100 and above. In this sales section, numerous products go at a discounted price.

The company also guarantees you reward products in terms of points when you purchase from the store. When you invite your friend, they enjoy 15% off on the first order while you gain the reward points. You can redeem these points and get orders at a discounted price. There are many more deals, but to stay updated, subscribe to the newsletters for all the latest updates, sales, and deals.

If you are stranded with many unanswered inquiries about the Yogibo brand products, we have also sorted you with various methods to connect the customer’s support team. But first, skip through our FAQ page for some summarized questions we have found online. If there is nothing and you need more explanation about the brand, contact the team.

There are many methods. You can collaborate with the team on their social media platforms, such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. From this point, you can easily ask them, access the latest deals and updates, etc. Otherwise, you can call the support team at (877) 964-4266. If that is not enough, send them an email through But remember that these guys are operational from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm est time. Mark the hours for convenient communication.


Q. Who is the owner of the Yogibo company?

Though the Yogibo company, from the data in the above review, was founded by Eyal Levy, he is still the firm’s current owner to date.

Q. Where Are the Yogibo manufacturing plants situated?

In our research, we found that Yogibo beads are made in manchester. However, these products are transported and assembled in the United States.

Q. Who are Yogibo bags perfect for?

The bags are perfect if you need a horizontal design for stretching and sitting comfortably. And for the guys who need extra support, these bags’ crackling noises and firmness are ideal. This does not leave out people with back pain in the category.

Q. Where does the Yogibo brand ship its products to?

Based on the latest information on their website, Yogibo currently ships its products in Canada and within the US states. They mostly rely on FedEx and USPS as the carriers.. depending on your location, the shipment takes about 5 to 10 businesses to deliver an order to your destination. Immediately the company gets your order and dispatches the package; they send the customers a confirmation alongside the tracking link through the mail. You can also utilize the link while counting the days before delivery and lounging the style.

Q. What is the return policy of Yogibo?

The main goal of the Yogibo brand is to give you comfort. This is a must, and in case you encounter any issue with the delivered order or change your mind upon delivery, you can return the product to the store. Customers have a 14 days window to return the package from the delivery date. This is enough time to try the bag or seat. However, the product must remain original to be eligible or accepted for return.

Customers can sleep or sit on the item to test its comfort. Thus, before you return the item, note a few tips. For the process to be complete, you must request the RMS, which must be done within 14 days of delivery. It is simple to get the RMA through the above email address. Then you must package the order in its original condition and attach all the necessary documents with the RMA number.

Also note that customers are responsible for the return shipping charges, and io-on the refund comes to less than 25% restocking cost of the item. Otherwise, the covers from this brand come with a one-year warranty covering the zippers and seams. But for the extra beans, you can purchase them from the official store.


If you’re searching for a comfortable, high-quality seating bag chair that guarantees great value, try Yogibo Bean Bags. The company has been around for login, and its mission is to give customers 100% comfortable. Shipping their US items gives them a favorable return policy and numerous deals to save bucks.

The above review covered the Yogibo best-selling products, the brand overview, and the promotions. We have evaluated and concluded that these bean bags are worth your money based on multiple positive customer feedbacks. Get comfort at your home regardless of your health condition.

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