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Work from Home – How To Makes It Easy Using an LMS Like KREDOIn 2019, COVID-19 started as an epidemic. It then became a pandemic, and could it be that now it is endemic. And work from home that was always a part of every working culture is now a phenomenon going through its transformation unprecedented in history. But learning evolved too, silently to begin with but loud as ever right now.

According to the Global Workplace Analytics*, the number of people who work from home has increased by 140 % since 2005. And based on data from Kissflow Digital Workplace**, remote work has increased by 173 % between 2005 and 2018.

All these numbers indicate that work from home is an inevitable and necessary question that will be a key discussion point for employees worldwide for years to come. It’s now time for everyone at home to still feel smart, knowledgeable, and ready for the future. Stay productive and still have the appetite for learning. So, let’s say hi to KREDO.

The ‘Learning Experience Platform’ called KREDO makes learning easy, making work from home look as simple as being together with your friends and colleagues at work.

KREDO Compliments WFH

Stay Connected
Organize remote meetings via Zoom and MS Team and set up a virtual workspace for productive working. This will ensure that working remotely will never take time to get used to. Collaborate powerfully and effectively communicate with your colleagues, no matter where you are.

Readymade Content
Search, save and complete courses from various industry verticals and topics from our content partner Go1, including building professional skills to work from home productively. Choose from courses grouped by subjects.

Reap Learning Benefits
Have all F2F training sessions converted to interactive learning courses using the powerful course authoring palette. Choose from over 50+ templates to make your course appealing and visual. Build expert tracks comprising a series of specialist courses.

Work, Learn – From Anyplace, Anytime
When you work from home, staying connected and communicating is key. Achieve the same through chats and discussion boards. Work through video conferences, create, share co-edit documents through simple ad-hoc assignment tasks.

Manage Your Business – From Anywhere
Save all your resources to help manage your business and learning needs, all under one roof. Create quick video tutorials to learn and teach your workforce, manage day-to-day processes, and give your business an online presence.

Keep Everyone Informed
Create announcements, push notifications, feedback notes for courses, and keep internal employees and external partners informed. You can even brainstorm ideas. Multitask efficiently, working on your core deliverables and yet educating yourself.

Teach – From Anywhere
Setup coaching or mentor sessions, including on-the-job (OJT) tasks, wherein information can be shared on guidelines, systems, and tools. Distance learning becomes a reality by creating interactive presentations, courses, quizzes, assessments, etc.

Your Guide, Your Support System
It could mean saving your cost, working on profit margins, and managing your teams with minimal effort. KREDO as a platform is your one-stop-shop for the same. Seldom has seen a learning platform make an overall profound impact across business verticals in a company. Still, with KREDO, you get an evolving intervention that keeps shifting gears in a manner you like to make your journey sustainable.

Encouraged Demand – WFH Employees
Save expenses by giving employees a better option that is also accepted by your business. Let them know learning and growth will now take an exponential turn even when they work from home. With respect to working from home, the genie is now out of the bottle, and it’s not likely to go back in.

No More Micro-management
Create learning plans to go well with work deliverables through effective scheduling mechanisms and integration with calendar clients like Outlook. Track statuses, real-time via reports or connect with your employee as needed. Avoid questions like, ‘How will I know if they’re learning?’, ‘Has the task been completed on time?’, etc.

Business as Usual
No more disasters can put a full-stop to the world moving ahead. Do more with less. Save office space and work better on occupancy but empowering employees working from home. Start thinking differently and make work-from-home a primary driver for attracting new talent and retaining existing talent.

Giving Back – To Society
A small step is what it takes to make a life-changing impact on yourself and on the extended community. There is a dramatic reduction in traffic, congestion, and pollution when your employees find it productive working from home. Client deliverables closed without risking your career progression, and upskilling is what KREDO is all about. Employers and employees can see how much more their contributions are worth for the first time.

Reduced Business Travel
Top management, senior management, and any executive can now avoid travel to meetings, conferences, training programs, etc. Though virtual meetings may not have all the same benefits of being face-to-face, the savings may outweigh the costs much of the time. KREDO’s all-around capability offers more in courses, learning journeys, and learning experiences.

With the right training decisions made, businesses worldwide will enjoy the real benefits of a workforce who can work from home and still keep upskilling themselves. That is where KREDO is your go-to learning platform. Learning as you take your business to a new level is now a reality awaiting embracing.

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