Born out of the love for friendship and beauty, Wolf’s Calling at Nashoba is open to the public and has countless amenities.

There are stores for shopping or renting, SPA, Gym, Yoga and Meditation, Art Gallery, Outdoor Café Areas, Photo Studio and many other amenities available inside a town center atmosphere with you in mind.

We are working hard to ensure that whether for shopping or just hanging around, your experience here is an enjoyable, friendly and pleasurable one.

Come, visit and stay a while. All are welcome.

SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nashoba/202/87/26

One of the three available shop rentals leftWC THE SHOPS

Stores available for rent in a town center environment at an affordable price. For tier information and payments check the individual rental terminals located at the roof of each store. Additional prims are available upon request. Join our group and request a residents tag after renting.

Group SLurl: secondlife:///app/group/11ef01db-bb77-21be-0042-5582e8a36b52/about


Advocating a holistic approach to health, strength, resilience, beauty and inner peace, KWC offers fitness, yoga, mediation, sauna and massage. Treatments are self-administered and information is available on each of the service modalities offered aimed at improving your well-being in SL while inspiring your RL. Feel free to visit and enjoy.

The Information Center / Visions Art Gallery BuildingVISIONS ART GALLERY & PHOTO STUDIO

A space available for both, aspiring and consumed artists and art lovers. If you are interested in having a show here just let management know. There is no extra cost. The Photo Studio with props is available to all visitors. Just take the “elevator” to the left.

Located at The Main Beach Area (NW)WC BEACH CLUBHOUSE

The Beach Clubhouse is available to all visitors. It can also be rented for private parties. Fees are available upon request, and they are dependant upon the total amount of hours requested. Please contact management if you are interested.


Home of the Arch of Valor, a Military Memorial where you will find 7 adrenaline high Bike Tracks, The Burnout Café, Wicked Motors, cuddle spots and much more, all created and managed by WC residents Victoria Kayor Wheatstraw and Sparkie Cyberstar. You can visit the PRMC by taking the teleporter on the left side of The Beach Clubhouse on the ground level.


There are many other activities available at WC waiting for you to discover and explore. Several beaches, with swimming, dolphins, Jet Skis, Volley Ball, sitting areas, The Sunrise Bay and The Sunrise House up on the hill; The “spooky” River House, Roller Skates and more. Beverages and ‘edibles’ are also available throughout the SIM.

One of the most beautiful SIMS I’ve ever seen … .

Proud Resident

Make some beautiful memories together at WC.

Source: https://landacrystal.com/wolfs-calling-at-nashoba/

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Donovan is a columnist and associate editor at the Dark News. He has written on everything from the politics to diversity issues in the workplace.

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