When is Book 4 of Dota 2 Dragon’s Blood coming out on Netflix?

The Dragon’s Blood Dota 2 Netflix series is one of the many anime adaptations that the streaming platform funded. With a positive rating of 7.8 and 7.0 on IMDb and IGN respectively, the Dragon’s Blood series is a considerable success among Dota 2 fans.

Let’s get right into the lore, and when we expect the next season to drop.

Dragon's Blood Dota 2 Season 4

Simple Dragon’s Blood Recap

The Dragon’s Blood released its third season, aka Book 3 on August 2022, which left many fans heartbroken and confused with Mirana’s adventure in the alternate universe. The world of Dota can get wild in-game, but setting the narrative in an alternate universe is a confusing plot.

We can interpret the alternate universe as one of the many Dota 2 matches, where there’s always a different outcome.

Anyways, Book 3 delivered the storyline from Mirana’s perspective after Invoker created the new universe, where his daughter, Filomena is alive and a proficient magic caster. However, contradictory to the demise of many key characters from Book 2, it also “revived” the dead cast as if Mirana had just started her adventure in Book 1.

The issue is Mirana had to go through the experience of seeing her loved ones alive before having the new universe collapse and finally accepting their deaths. But hey, at least Mirana herself is alive after that, where she returns to her original universe.

As confusing as Book 3 was, fans are left with questions about what’s next for Mirana, who is seemingly portrayed as the main protagonist.

Introducing the Dragon’ Knight

While the last Book’s conclusion remains a mystery, Books 1 and 2 offered great build-up for its third iteration. In Book 1, Dragon’s Blood introduced the cavalry of Dragon Knight and how he got his morphing powers from Slyrak.

Davion meets Mirana and Marci after transforming into Slyvak in Dragon’s Blood Book 1

Along the way, Davion got close to Mirana, developing a love interest between the two. But the two lovebirds eventually part ways as Davion went on to solve the mystery behind the dragons and Terrorblade while Mirana confronts the Invoker. Meanwhile, Fymryn, an elf was conspiring to bring back Mene (the former Goddess of the Moon) to replace the current successor, Selemene.

Book 1 concludes with multiple solid narratives, which reaffirms to us that the Dota 2 Netflix series is content-heavy.

Between the Sun and Moon

Book 2 unfolds primarily at the Helio Empire, which delivered the story of Mirana claiming the Solar Throne. Along the way, she had to confront her uncle, who disguised himself as a void dragon, Kashurra. As the main antagonist of Book 2, Kashurra was powerful enough to kill the Winter Wyvern and Marci in her Unleashed form.

Both allies’ deaths were devastating for Mirana and the viewers, especially Marci, who is the mute yet trusty sidekick to the Priestess of the Moon herself.

Mirana ponders on her memories spent with Marci after she was brutally killed by Kashurra in Dragon’s Blood – Book 2

Will there be Book 4 of the Dragon’s Blood Dota 2 Netflix series?

As of now, there hasn’t been any official date for the release of Book 4. Except for a tweet by the Dota 2 Netflix series executive producer that there’s plenty to tell in Book 4.

As much as we miss the core characters of the Dragon’s Blood trilogy, it’s best that the dead stays dead. We saw Marci and Lina live in the alternate universe, so reviving them again would make the storyline stale.

Instead, we can expect the story in Dragon’s Blood Book 4 to revolve around Filomena more than even Davion and Mirana. Filomena played an impactful role in supporting Mirana against Terrorblade in Book 3, and ultimately “survived”. Filomena relocated to the original universe, where she didn’t survive past her adolescent years initially. Additionally, it’s uncertain whether Filomena remembers the outcome of Book 3.

Mirana holds Davion who is gravely injured and dying after battling Terrorblade in Dragon’s Blood Book 3

When is the Dragon’s Blood Book 4 Release Date?

The Dota 2 Netflix series typically has an 8 to 10-month gap between each release. So perhaps a good estimate for the upcoming Dragon’s Blood Book 4 could be April-July 2023.

With these expectations in mind, it’s likely that the story will not stray away from its title, the Dragon’s Blood. After all, Book 3 concludes with the death of Davion and his arch nemesis, Terrorblade in the alternate universe. Hence, we will surely get a rematch between the two.

Simple Dragon’s Blood Recap


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