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Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren Products for use in mass notification

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren Products

There is a Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren product to meet your mass notification needs…

Features of Whelen

Outdoor Warning Sirens:

  • Si Test Silent testing of the outdoor warning siren system without disturbing the public.

  • Electronic siren with very low power drain vs. electromechanical siren.

  • Radio or wire line control with one way or two way control.

  • Solar power option

  • Battery backup option

  • Robust Drivers for loud, clear audio

  • Multiple type of alert siren tones

  • Pre-recorded voice messages and/or Public Address capability – voice models only.

Outdoor Warning Siren Model Families

WPS 2900 Voice Outdoor Warning Siren
Whelen 2900 Model Family Mass Notification System
WPS2900 PDF File

  • Omni-Directional

  • Voice and Siren warning

  • Uniform sound pattern

  • Up to 126 dB @ 100’

  • One 400 Watt driver per cell means less distortion

  • Aerodynamic design is unaffected by high winds

Omni Alert Electronic Outdoor Warning Siren

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Omni Alert  Outdoor Warning Siren

An economical alternative to the WPS2900 when voice warning is not required.

  • Vertically stacked up to 4 cells

  • Up to 118 dB @ 100’

  • Siren warning only (No voice messaging)

    • Multiple tones available

WPS4000 High Power Voice Outdoor Warning Siren

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - WPS 4000 High Power Voice Warning SirenWhelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - WPS 4000 High Power Voice Warning Siren PDF

When distance really matters with your Outdoor Warning Siren System, the WPS4000 throws the most Voice Warning Power in a rotating controlled horizontal column of sound.

  • Rotating Siren-Heavy Duty Gear Driven

  • Voice and Siren Warning

  • Up 129 bD @ 100’

  • Hard-Wired Rotor Connection

TM Electronic Outdoor Warning Siren

Whelen Outdoor Warning Siren System - Vortex Rotating Outdoor Warning  Electroinc SirenVortex Electronic Siren PDF

An economic alternative to the WPS4000 Series when voice warning is not required.

  • Rotating Siren-Heavy Duty Gear Driven

  • Siren Warning only (No voice messaging)

    • Multiple tones available

  • 129 db @ 100’

  • Hard-wired rotor connection

Alert Monitors: VA2000Whelen VA2000 Alert Monitor

  • Provides instant information defining the emergency condition, alerting through a piercingAlert Monitor: VA2000 alarm, and displaying a pre-programmed message

  • Displays up to 60 messages

  • Used in administration buildings, offices and classrooms

Visual Warning ProductsVisual alert outdoor warningWhelen Visual Alert

For any community with hearing-impaired individuals, Whelen Engineering has both indoor and outdoor products that aid in warning those individuals through a visual signal that can be operated in conjunction with the outdoor warning sirens.

See VisuAlert in action

System Controllers/EncodersWhelen E747 Controller

Base station equipment at the heart of Whelen Engineering’s mass notification warning products is fast, reliable,Whelen E747 Controller PDF File one-way and two-way control and status monitoring products.

The Whelen® COMM/STAT™ 10/14 communication protocol is used for both our one and two-way products. DTMF signaling is standard, but otherWhelen E2010 Controller PDF File formats are available.

Whelen E2010Controller

A Mid-State Communication’s Outdoor Warning Siren or High Power Voice System Specialist can call or meet with your organization to design a specific Outdoor Warning Siren or Voice Warning System that meets your needs.

As a Master Distributor we can provide a turnkey price with installation or we can work with your local electrical contractor or radio dealer.

Whelen Engineering’s Warning Siren systems will perform as specified within the Federal Emergency ManagementFEMA Guide

Agency’s (FEMA) CPG-1-17, Guidance for Outdoor Warning Siren Systems..

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800-926-7277 ext 248

Outdoor Warning Sirens:


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