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Water Sports or Water Fitness Workout For When Swimming Laps in WatchOS9?


I feel like I saw during a keynote or on Apple’s site that the type of stroke when swimming laps is automatically detected like using a kicking board or something.

Im wondering which workout on my watch I should choose; Water Fitness or Water Sports?

Ive done both but the only stats im getting in the Fitness App are like heart rate zones and calories burned.

I was hoping to see how many laps im doing and ideally the time stats on those laps.


I’m starting to get the feeling nobody truly knows.

You need to select ‘Swimming’ (pool/open water) as the activity to detect strokes. Water fitness/sports would be water aerobics/polo/water skiing etc. so it’s not looking for swim strokes. Been using since the AW3 and very good at stroke detection. Kickboard is the new addition with WOS9, I haven’t tried that yet.
For pool, set the size and it will count the laps, as long as you pronounce the turn it is spot on. O/W uses GPS so only works with front crawl/backstroke effectively.

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