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Walmart Review for April 2023 | Best Home Safe Stores

Tuesday, April 25th

2023 Home Safe Store Reviews

Walmart Review 4.5 Star Rating


4.5 Star Rating

  • Over 1,000 safes available
  • “A+” Better Business Bureau rating
  • Most safes under $400
  • Free shipping over $35

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates over 4,700 stores throughout the United States. It’s safe to say that most everyone in the country has shopped at one of these stores at some point in time. They sell nearly everything throughout their departments that include grocery, electronics, clothing, furniture and appliances, toys, video games, beauty, patio and garden, baby, household essentials, pharmacy, and more. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they have one of the biggest inventories of home safes out of any other retailers we’ve seen.

Huge inventory

You could scroll all day through the more than 1,000 safes available on Walmart’s website. Since there are so many, you’ll want to filter them by price, brand, rating, material, category, size, or features to narrow down what you need. We expected there to be a broader range of pricing and safe types considering Walmart’s big inventory. What you’ll mostly find are personal safe box sizes a little bigger than 1 cubic foot. So as far as tall gun safes, you’re out of luck here.

Low prices

Since there are a lot of the same types and sizes of safes here, pricing doesn’t vary too widely. All but 4 safes are under $400 and there are over 25 pages for under $200. Walmart is known for their low prices and that’s definitely the case when it comes to their home safes. Luckily they also provide unfiltered customer reviews on each product so you will know if the low prices also mean low quality or if you’re actually getting a great deal.

Best Home Safe Stores

Specific delivery dates

If you spend over $35 at Walmart, you’ll get free shipping. Every product listing will give a specific date that you can expect your safe to arrive at your home. You can also view other similar items to compare them, and read about unique product features and specifications.

Return policy may depend on seller

Walmart’s return policy states that you can return items for free by mail or to a store near you within 90 days of purchase. However, we noticed that some distributors that sell their safes through Walmart have shorter return policies, so be sure to check. For example, Ktaxon safes need to be returned within 30 days and customers are also charged a 5-15% restocking fee depending on the product.

Lots of the basics

Overall Walmart is a reliable place to shop and a great place to find a huge range of products at affordable prices. They have an “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau and a long-standing history as a reputable company. They’ve earned a high rating from us for their inventory of home safes, but it is important to note that if you’re looking for really big safes with high fire- and water-resistant ratings and other top-of-the-line features, you won’t find a lot of that here. Mostly you’ll get middle-grade, functional home safes that work for basic needs.

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The 10 Best Home Safe Stores

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Home Safe?

Everyone has important documents, valuables, electronics, or other assets that they’d want protected during a home invasion or fire. Sometimes we even want to keep certain items away from little children and need an easy but reliable place to put them. Home safes are extremely popular and a great way to ensure you can preserve the things that are most important to you.

Whether you need a large gun safe or something small that fits in your closet to store things like birth certificates, passports, social security cards, jewelry, and cash, you can easily find a huge selection online. The first thing to consider when buying a safe is what you need to store and where you will be storing it. Next, there are a lot of features to consider like fire and water resistance, the type of lock and how fast it can be opened, size, weight, interior lighting, impact resistance, and if it can be bolted down.

The Best Home Safe Stores Compare Home Safe Stores Compare Home Safe Store Reviews What are the best Home Safe Stores Best Home Safe Store Reviews

Nowadays most safes are made out of steel. The steel walls are usually a few centimeters thick and are sometimes double-layered to protect whatever is inside. Depending on the purpose of the safe, it could be surrounded by concrete or be made of different gauges of steel to protect the contents if exposed to pressure or extreme heat.

You can find a safe in nearly any size you need. If you’re just using it for storing papers, jewelry, or a handgun, you could buy a small safe that fits on a shelf or in a drawer. For large items, you can buy a safe as big as 6.5 ft. tall or more that takes up more space. A big safe could not be carried away by burglars or easily moved by anyone else in the home. The best thing to do is take an inventory of everything you want to protect and purchase a safe big enough to hold all of those things with a little extra room left over.

If you’re looking to keep your valuables safe from fire or water, make sure you buy a safe that is labeled specifically for these purposes. Pay close attention to the fire-resistance rating on any given safe you buy because this lets you know how long the safe can withstand the heat from flames. Some will begin to melt within an hour while others can last up to 4 hours being surrounded by fire. For water-resistance, it is best to keep valuables in a waterproof container within the safe and make sure the safe you buy was manufactured to protect against water damage.

Anything in your home that you consider valuable and worth protecting should be stored in a safe. For example, if you have a family heirloom that you want to keep in good condition, it would be smart to keep it in a safe where it is away from people and protected from the elements. For families with guns, safes are a great way to keep children and visitors away from the potential dangers of playing with firearms. Other items like jewelry, important legal documents or cash could also be kept in a safe in case there is an emergency with the home or a home invasion.

If you’re worried about forgetting the code to your safe or losing the key, it is best to consult a professional locksmith rather than attempting to bust your safe open. For those concerned about their safe being compromised or taken by a home intruder, the good news is that it takes a lot of effort to crack a safe open. Without knowing the code to a safe, you would have to try to smash through the steel which could take a lot of time. The chances of someone coming at random to your home and being able to collect the valuables you have locked away, is highly unlikely. However, it is best not to advertise that you have a home safe, let alone disclose its location.

The cost of your safe depends entirely on what the safe is for, what it is made out of, the size, and the security measures required to get into it. For a small, light-weight safe that could be moved around and comes with a simple keypad lock, you could spend as little as $50. However, if you want a fireproof, waterproof, multi-security feature, steel safe that’s 6 ft. tall, you’ll easily spend over $1,000. The cost to protect your valuables is worth it in the long-run when you buy a heavy-duty safe for your home.

Most home safes come with either a digital number keypad, dial/combination, or lock and key feature for opening and closing it. Unless you have the key or know the code to the safe, essentially it cannot be opened. Some safes are disguised into walls, behind cabinets or paintings, and others are bolted to the ground. They are meant to be somewhat hidden and impossible to open unless you are the owner of the safe.

Safes are not so much bulletproof as they are bullet-resistant. If they are made of thick steel, they should be able to take a few rounds of bullets without causing any harm to the contents inside. Shooting at the combination or lock of a safe will not blast the door open like you see in movies. Shooting a gun at a home safe will cause damage, but it would take knowing the combination to successfully open the safe entirely.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above…

There are thousands of home safes available online. You’ll be able to compare pricing between retailers, read customer reviews, get all the specifications, review key features, and even get expert help from customer service before making a purchase if needed. This will ensure that you get the very best quality home safe that fits your needs and your budget. You’re sure to find something that you like online and save yourself the hassle of going store to store or transporting a potentially heavy safe by just having it shipped straight to your home!

There are many companies that sell home safes, so we have provided important information for you to consider when deciding who to buy from:

  • Selection: Are there plenty of home safe types to choose from that include all the features that are essential for you? If you’re concerned with design, are there very many styles to choose from? You’ll want to find a company that has a big range of sizes to make sure you can fit everything you need inside.
  • Cost: How does the cost of the home safes from one retailer compare to another? Can you qualify for free shipping with a minimum purchase? Does the retailer run periodic sales on their website that might allow you to save some money?
  • Return policy: If the home safe you purchase doesn’t fit your space like you hoped or doesn’t have the features you wanted, can you return it for a full refund? Does the company offer free returns or allow you to take it back to one of their stores if you live near one? Make sure you review the return policy of a company before making a purchase. has reviewed and ranked the best places to purchase home safes. We hope this information helps you find the products to give you peace of mind and protect your valuables.

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