VIDEO: M5.4 Earthquake Causes Rockfall in Iceland

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, Iceland has been experiencing increased seismic activity recently which could a be sign of an impending volcano eruption like the Eyjafjallajökull eruption a decade ago that shutdown trans-Atlantic flights (ash in the atmosphere can destroy jet engines). Over 34,000 quakes have been recorded on the island in the last two weeks, including this one at the base of Mt. Slaga that sent boulders crashing to the valley floor. Gnarly time to be in The Land of Fire & Ice:

“Rock fall from Mt. Slaga, 2,1km from the epicentre, just after the first tremor. The second tremor hits 12 seconds into the video and then we feel the fault underneath us moving. The initial shock of the tremor instantanously blasted away large sections of the cliff face that started coming down the slopes, yet mostly ended up inside of the road. One large boulder and a few smaller rocks stayed on the road and a few rocks crossed it. When the earthquake hit we were investigating the reach of previous rock fall and the extent of the damage from previous earthquakes. The car was parked safely around the corner away from steep slopes. Needless to say that the advice to stay off hillsides is sound during this period of seismic unrest.”

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Source: https://unofficialnetworks.com/2021/03/15/video-5-4-earthquake-causes-rockfall-in-iceland/

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