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Vaccine Passports Are A Call For a Biosecurity State & Must Be Resisted (Dr. Scott Jensen), France Is First EU Country To Test Digital COVID Travel Certificate

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Dr. Scott Jensen, 2:28 Minute Video

Call for a biosecurity state. It is not just government involved but private and public companies weighing in and telling citizens around the globe that they have a personal interest in your health & thus your HEALTH FREEDOM!

It is a grotesque invasion of our healthcare business which is supposed to be private.

It should be UNNECESSARY because the vulnerable have been vaccinated in most areas universally & if not, it is because those people have made the choice that they are not going to take the vaccine & accept the risk.

We have to wonder, what is the aim of a policy of a vaccine passport. The governor of Montana said he has no interest in vaccine passports yet the Department of Health & Human Services continue to talk about these.

If it is to reduce cases, there has already been a decoupling of case counts from death counts. The death rates have dropped dramatically.

We should have all the freedoms to do whatever we want unless it is specifically prohibited by law. Not the other way around!

We don’t get the freedoms that are only expressly granted to us by law! It is the other way. We don’t have the freedoms if they are expressly prohibited by law. There is a deep, thoughtful process that goes with that.

The vaccine passports are immoral & grotesque & we have to ask, “Why?”.

Why are we letting private businesses tell us that if you do not show me your vaccine passport, I am not going to let you do this or that?



“France is first EU member state to start testing digital Covid travel certificate” Article

“France has become the first EU member state to begin testing a digital coronavirus travel certificate as part of a Europe-wide scheme that Brussels hopes will allow people to travel more freely within the bloc by the summer.

The TousAntiCovid app, part of the country’s contact tracing programme, has been upgraded to store negative Covid-19 test results on travellers’ mobile phones and is being trialled on flights to Corsica and overseas départements from this week.

The trial will be extended from 29 April to include vaccination certificates, officials told Le Monde, and the system could eventually be adopted for public events such as concerts, festivals and trade fairs, although not for bars and restaurants.

The European commissioner for justice, Didier Reynders, said last week he expected the EU’s ‘digital green certificate’ to be operational by by 21 June. The certificate is an urgent priority for southern European member states whose economies have been devastated by the pandemic.

The scheme has deliberately not been called a ‘vaccine passport’ to avoid discriminating against people not yet offered a shot. Brussels has stressed that while it should make travel easier, it must not become a pre-condition of free movement.

The certificate should mean travellers will not need to quarantine, allowing them to store on their phones evidence that they have been vaccinated, have recently tested negative, or have antibodies after recovering from Covid-19.

Denmark last week began trialling its Coronapas, available to people who have been either vaccinated, tested positive two to 12 weeks previously, or negative within the past 72 hours.

The Danish scheme currently only allows users to access non-essential businesses such as hairdressers, beauty salons and driving schools, but is set to expand to include museums, theatres, cinemas and restaurants from 6 May.

The Netherlands is also testing a scheme called Back to Live that allows people to attend live events provided they have tested negative at special sites from 8am that morning and recorded that on a CoronaCheck app with a QR code.“

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It is a grotesque invasion of our healthcare business which is supposed to be private.


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