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Usually $230, the Amazon Echo Show 8 is Only $75 Today

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The 2021 Amazon Echo Show 8 in an angled view.
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Make your home smarter with an Alexa-powered device like the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, which is on sale with a $55 discount from Amazon. It’s already a steal at its original price of $130, so it’s an even more attractive purchase right now as you’ll only have to pay $75 for the smart display. You’ll need to hurry though, because whenever there are Amazon Echo deals, stocks get sold out quickly.

Why you should buy the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8

The second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, the latest model of the smart display that was released in 2021, is a variation of the Amazon Echo smart speakers. The obvious upgrade is that there’s an 8-inch touchscreen with HD resolution, which adds a new dimension to what you can ask from Amazon’s Alexa. In addition to the usual voice commands for the digital assistant, such as setting reminders and asking for information, you can use the display of the Amazon Echo Show 8 to make video calls and watch tutorials. The smart display also supports all of the popular streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify and Apple Music, so you’ll never be away from your favorite content.

Between the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 and first-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, which was launched in 2019, you’ll be better off going for the newer version because of the better camera at 13MP from just 1MP, the addition of a pan and tilt functionality that makes the camera follow you around the room when you’re in a video call, and faster performance with an eight-core MediaTek 8183 processor. The smart displays have similar dimensions, but Amazon decided to remove the rear auxiliary port to connect an external speaker or headphones in the 2021 model. That’s a regrettable omission, but a minor drawback compared to the improvements in the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8.

Any home will greatly benefit with the addition of the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8, and with Amazon’s ongoing offer, your budget may be enough to get multiple units of this smart display. It’s currently available for just $75, for savings of $55 on sticker price of $130. It’s highly recommended that you add the second-generation Amazon Echo Show 8 to your cart and check out immediately though, as the discount may no longer be online by tomorrow.

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