UAE jobs alert: Nearly 200% increase in hiring digital freelancers – News

UAE jobs alert: Nearly 200% increase in hiring digital freelancers - News

UAE’s thriving technical environment that encourages innovation credited for impressive growth.

The UAE saw a 197 per cent increase in recruiting freelancers in the digital sector in 2020, the World Economic Forum has said.

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In a report on ‘future jobs’ created due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the body said freelancers contributed to preparing and boosting digital content. These included blogs, podcasts and videos.

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The report credited the UAE’s “thriving technical environment that encourages innovation”, and digitalisation of work for this growth. The Dubai Government’s decision last year to support professionals in the digital sector who wish to work remotely also “contributed considerably” to this.

In a report, LinkedIn had said that ‘digital content freelancers’ were among the top hired roles last year. According to the report, this happened mainly because the UAE created new work permits for international freelancers. Additionally, the rise in online activity, the adoption of digital platforms across sectors, and changing consumer behaviour led to high demand for freelancers and a 200 per cent increase in digital content-related jobs.

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