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After a correction and a daily low of $ 54,654, Bitcoin is now trading at $ 56,840. Meanwhile, the second largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum, is trading at nearly $ 3,508.

Let’s find out in detail some interesting crypto news for the day.

1 –’s Cronos Incentivized Testnet exceeded 2 million transactions has published its progress report ahead of the upcoming launch of its Cronos mainnet on October 19, 2021. Cronos is the EVM chain that runs parallel to the chain. In addition, the DeFi ecosystem is to be scaled while ensuring the portability of dApps from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains.

The team has allocated a prize pool of $ 300,000 to participants in its native CRO token. According to the announcement, over two million transactions have been carried out on this Cassini test network. In addition, 18,000 addresses and 400 smart contracts were used. In particular, tester and builder registration ended on October 11, 2021 at 03:59 UTC. The competition ends on October 18, 2021 at 03:59 UTC. Therefore, testers and builders still have a week to complete tasks and win lucrative rewards.

Share some exciting advances halfway through Cassini!

✅ 2M + transactions carried out
✅ 18,000 addresses handled
✅ 400 smart contracts provided

Testers and builders – 1 week left to complete your tasks and win prizes!


– Cronos (@cronos_chain) October 11, 2021

2 – Legendary cricketer AB de Villiers joins NFT Space with DeRace

Legendary cricketer AB de Villiers announced that he has joined DeRace as the first NFT project. In addition, DeRace is an NFT horse racing ecosystem where users can participate in horse racing. Users can breed various NFT horses, create their own NFT hippodrome, and earn lucrative rewards.

AB de Villiers is a retired South African cricketer. He holds the record for the fastest 50, 100 and 150 in ODI cricket and is known as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. In addition, AB has also changed its Twitter profile picture to a racehorse picture and announced this on its Twitter account.

I recently got involved in my very first NFT project @DeRaceNFT virtual horse racing universe🐎

They were a pleasure to work with behind the scenes and can’t wait to take my friends at @MetavestCapital to an NFT hippodrome🏁

See you at the races!


– AB de Villiers (@ ABdeVilliers17) October 11, 2021

3 – GemGuardian NFT Staking Live on the testnet

GemGuardian has announced the launch of its NFT staking feature on Testnet. In addition, GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy-based NFT card game on the BSC network. In addition, players can purchase Guardians and Dragons to fight and earn in-game rewards. In addition, these rewards can be used for a lucrative APY.

To participate in this testnet and get early access to this game, participants must complete the following steps:

a) Set up the Binance Smart Chain Testnet network.

b) Add GEMG and GPAY testnet tokens.

c) Access the dApp via this link:

d) Buy Guardian and Dragon Loot Box.

e) Start testing.

In total, more than 13,000 people applied for this testnet whitelisting event. In particular, the applicants have already received Testnet GEMG and GPAY tokens in their Testnet wallets.

GemGuardian NFT Staking is open on the testnet

🔥 The GemGuardian team is pleased to announce that the NFT staking feature has been added to the testnet whitelist for all 13,000+ testnet applicants.

Read more:$gemg #GemGuardian #NFT

– Gem Guardian (@GemGuardianNFT) October 10, 2021

4 – The Defina Finance IDO was sold out in the first 45 minutes

EnjinStarter’s first IDO, Defina finances, sold out in the first 45 minutes. Defina Finance is a blockchain game that combines DeFi with NFTs. In addition, players can buy or collect various NFT Mystery Boxes.

According to the announcement, Defina IDO went live today at 4 a.m. UTC with a public sale price of $ 0.4 per token. It is noteworthy that it has a total supply of 100,000,000 FINAs with an initial circulation of 2,825,000 FINAs. It was impressive that this Defina community sale was sold out within 45 minutes. For upcoming sales, users can follow EnjinStarter’s Twitter account.

The Defina sale is now live. Please visit to participate

– ENJINSTARTER (@enjinstarter) October 11, 2021

5 – Heroes & Empires Token listed on PancakeSwap & Gate Exchange

In the latest crypto news for today, we have the Heroes & Empires (HE) Token listed on PancakeSwap today and Gate exchange at 12:00 UTC. Heroes & Empires is a play-2-earn blockchain strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of idle RPGs and the tactics of car chess.

According to the announcement, the trading pair launched on Gate Exchange is $ HE / $ USDT, while it is available on PancakeSwap as a $ HE / $ BUSD pair. It is noteworthy that it has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 HU with an initial circulation of 80,050,000 HU. The initial token price $ HE is $ 0.01 per token.

#HeroesEmpires Token ($ HE) will be listed on October 11th at 12:00 UTC.

A. #Gateio Trading:

B. # PancakeSwap-Handelhttps: //

Details: #Listing #GameFi #GameNFT # p2e #Playtoearn # play2earn

– Heroes & Empires (@HeroesEmpires) October 10, 2021

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