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Original review: Feb. 1, 2023

I purchased a Run Tru heat pump made by Trane 7 months ago. I figured with it being made by Trane it will be top of the line. Wrong! The contractor/installer has been here 6 times & ordered 6 parts. Junk is its name! If anyone purchases one they will be sorry. Just because it’s made by Trane doesn’t mean jack squat. A very very inferior product. Any more problems I will be calling the Indiana Attorney General’s office concerning the lemon laws. Nothing runs like a Trane they say. Run Tru doesn’t run at all!

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Original review: Dec. 12, 2022

This Trane ain’t bound for glory… Winter has arrived and we are faced, yet again, with the annual failure of our Trane heat pump. After a myriad of technician visits and varied diagnostic attempts over the years, we are still no closer to stabilizing this machine. We moved into our newly constructed home in April 2016. Our contractor put the installation of the heating and cooling system out to bid and selected a Trane installer because of the reputation and reliability of the Trane brand. We were happy to pay a premium for the system (Heat pump model #4TWR4060E1000BA; Air handler model #TAM7B0C60H51SCB) in the hopes we would have many worry free years of service. Then the nightmare began. Early in January 2017 the heat pump faulted when temperatures dropped into single digits. The original installer made three service calls to diagnose the problem.

First visit addressed a wiring problem with the furnace. Second visit addressed heat pump fault issue. Error code was defrost lockout. They ordered a new control board indicating they had seen this, resolve the problem at other locations. On the third service call, they replaced the control board. They also implied that a newer board was being released in the near future and they would replace ours when it was available (never happened).

When the heat pump faulted again, the original installer would not come out on a warranty service call. As it turned out, they never registered the original warranty within the allotted time and did not instruct us to do so. When we asked them to contact Trane to get the warranty back dated, they said Trane would not work with them. At that point, we were basically hosed and had lost our warranty advantage. We then talked with the original installer on the phone who walked us through the reset procedures although the problem continued. We crippled thought that winter on the emergency heat setting. The issues remained unresolved since the problem could not be duplicated outside of winter conditions. There were no issues during the summer as our use of air conditioning was infrequent.

The winter of 2017/18 was mild so the lockout problem did not surface. The winter of 2018/19 saw the defrost lockout problems begin again. The system had to be reset several times as local technicians attempted to diagnose the problem. Again, we had to rely on the emergency heat setting and our electric bills skyrocketed. We scheduled a service call in October 2019 in an attempt to head off the winter faulting problems. The technician found that a J-2 jumper on the defrost board was not clipped so he clipped it. He indicated the purpose of the jumper was to allow higher temperature of OD coil for defrosting in low ambient temperatures with high humidity. During the same call, he looked for other operating limits and found none. He indicated that under regular operating conditions the defrost lockout should not happen until around -7 degrees. Service call was $139.32.

In January 3-13, 2020 – three service calls were made. The heat pump started blowing the breaker and the furnace was running continually. It was noted that breaker problem did not happen until after the jumper was clipped. The Trane certified service technician discovered that the heat pump compressor had failed (OHMed out the compressor and found the windings had failed). The compressor was replaced and system reset. Also looked at the thermostat and made some adjustments to installer settings and added refrigerant to the heat pump. Invoiced $637.89 for the three calls.

July/August 2022. Scheduled maintenance service call. First technician diagnosed a needed part replacement but did not order part or schedule a return visit. Owner followed up and examined the heat pump and said no parts were required and we were good to go. November 11, 2022. Heat pump faulted again. Called a different repair service provider and they reset power to get the heat pump to come on and it began heating. He said the unit had locked out due to too many defrosts in a cycle. Reset power again and added refrigerant although it faulted again shortly thereafter. His diagnosis was that the unit needs a new outdoor TXV and quoted $1900 for the repair. We are still operating on the emergency heat setting and expecting a huge electric bill for this month. Invoiced $341.14 for the service call and repair quote.

December 7, 2022. Scheduled a second opinion for the heat pump faulting problems. This owner/technician reviewed past history of the unit and the multiple attempts to repair it without finding a permanent solution. Said he would not attempt the suggested $1900 repair because there was no guarantee that it would be successful. Recommended replacing the entire system. As of December 7, 2022 our out of pocket expenses have been $1118.35 and we are looking at an additional $1900 repair or many thousands for the system to be replaced. In addition, we are paying unnecessarily high electric bills that this system was supposed to mitigate.

So, the nightmare continues. We have our house temperature set at 63 degrees and live with layers of clothing, extra blankets and strategically placed space heaters. If there were a lemon law for heat pumps, ours would certainly qualify. In a perfect world, Trane should come to our rescue and at least replace the heat pump or, better yet, the entire system to end this eternal nightmare. Trane – hope you are listening and will find an expedient resolution for us.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2022

Trane XV20i serial number 19421SYA1F. Bought the system through Airmasters of Tampa Bay in October 2019. Came highly recommended for longevity, robustness, energy efficiency, etc. History of malfunctions not including vent sweating which we kind of got under control by redesigning the duct work adding a second zone at cost of $10,000.

1. Thermostat computer failed in 2020 and was replaced under warranty.

2. Circuit breaker at air handler got tripped for unknown reasons in 2021. Airmasters reset it and asked for an electrician to check it out. Electrician found nothing wrong. Repeated requests to replace the breaker were not followed. So far issue did not return.

3. System stooped cooling, Tech replaced 3 pounds of refrigerant ($240) and mentioned a possible leak. four weeks later system started heating. A leak was detected in the outside condenser. However, the main reason was a software failure. Software got updated, condenser replaced under warranty. Cost: $2000 for labor.

A few weeks later system started heating again. This time a faulty solenoid was suspected and tech set system to cooling so it would remain functioning. It took ten days before he came back with a wiring harness because the Tran rep refused to approve the solenoid replacement. System work for one week before starting to heat again. Solenoid replaced and unit hosed down for cleaning when outside circuit breaker got tripped and system stopped working. Drive board got fried. Replacement may take up to three week. I live in Florida and that is simply unacceptable.

Escalated the case with Trane on 11.7. Case number **. Was told by Airmasters on 11.10. that there is a backlog of 2500 (!!) of those drive boards but I am at the front of the line. That can only mean there is a something fundamentally wrong re manufacturing and quality control, perhaps design. All in all I am very dissatisfied with this system and wish I had opted for less complex system with less electronics but higher reliability. I am exploring options to have system replaced with a less complex system. Very, very unhappy.

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Original review: Nov. 9, 2022

We purchased our home Nov 2022. We were pretty confident since the home had a new Trane heat pump installed in early 2021, we would be good for at least 5 to 10 years. We are having to pay $894 to AC company for labor and freon to replace a split coil line. Clearly a factory defect! This heat pump is only 2 years old! Trane should be covering labor also. I will NEVER buy anything TRANE.

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Original review: Oct. 18, 2022

We were sold a TRANE air handler that has been leaking for 5 years. Two AC service companies have not been able to fix or ID the reason for the leaking. Finally an AC company said it is a badly designed model and that other customers are having the same issue. We still have 5 years on our warranty but Trane refuses to replace the air handler with another model or even pay the labor for a $700 install of a secondarily drain pan which, because it’s necessary, proves this is a bad model. We already have a secondary pump. Their customer service at Trane is a big joke. Go with Goodman. We had Goodman AC for 10 yrs. No leak, no secondary pump required and no secondary drain pan required. Trane is bad news.

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Original review: Oct. 4, 2022

Trane makes awful products that prematurely fail and then to top it off their customer service is somehow worse than their actual junk AC units. They won’t stand behind them, look for every reason to reduce warranty to run away from the liability created by inferior design and manufacturing.

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Original review: Sept. 29, 2022

Apparently it only takes a two year old evaporator coil that leaks to stop a TRANE. Two years after new install on new construction the evaporator is leaking. Not in the soldered joints or fittings, right in the middle of the coil. Coil is available at no cost to us but the labor is $2500. This is unacceptable, I have tried to contact Trane for possible labor allowance with no luck so far. This type of thing is costly, to consumer and the HVAC company that installs, this poor quality makes the installer look bad to most consumers who would assume fault is theirs and the additional charges for labor to fix a manufacturer’s defect. So sad, is Trane purchasing coils from China? No respectful American company would do this to fellow Americans. Avoid Trane, an American Standard company. Do your research and determine which manufacturers have the least callbacks before you make such an investment.

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Original review: Sept. 20, 2022

I purchased my Trane air conditioner units in June 2010. I have 2 units since I have 2 zone cooling in my home. Five years after installation, both evaporator coils failed and they were replaced since I had the 10 year parts and labor warranty. Just recently, it was discovered that one of replaced evaporator coils failed, just 7 years after replacement. My units are 12 years old now and past the 10 year warranty.

I contacted Trane to see if they would consider doing something since their website states that evaporator coils should last 10 to 15 years but they declined any help. The fact that I experienced 3 evaporator coil failures within a 12 year period, a red flag has gone up. Trane no longer offers a 10 year LABOR warranty, only 10 year parts/1 year labor on their AC units. Labor costs can run quite high if you have work done after their ONE year labor warranty runs out. BE AWARE OF THIS AND DO YOUR RESEARCH OF COMPLAINTS PRIOR TO BUYING TRANE.

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2022

My American Standard air conditioner went out on Labor Day 2022. 15 days later I still have no resolution and Trane can’t even tell me when I will have a solution. Error codes 159.02 and 159.03 are communications errors allegedly dealing with harnesses, which are a few short wires and plastic plugs on a motherboard. Each harness costs $250 — manufacturing cost 25 cents. The local Trane dealer did not have the harnesses in stock and refused to give me the ones in the units they had in stock, meaning a 5-day wait till the harnesses showed up. Technician replaced the motherboard and both harnesses, the a/c worked for about an hour before the same error codes popped up and the machine died.

Local Trane dealer would not file a warranty claim, I had to do it myself. I filed it, two days later they came back and said they needed different information which they could have asked me for in the first place. Another 5 day delay, I call Trane and they can’t tell me when my claim will be processed. I live in hot, humid Fort Lauderdale, 15 days without an a/c in the summer — if they have a lot of claims they should a) make better equipment; and b) hire more staff to handle the claims. The answer is obvious: their diagnostic is wrong because the error codes being displayed aren’t the real problem or the harnesses would have fixed the problem. They don’t know what the problem part is, and there are no parts in stock anyway.

The unit is under warranty: REPLACE THE UNIT. Why do I have to wait for them to get through a backlog of warranty claims when what they need to do is obvious. It can’t be hard to tell me how long it will take to process the claim. I would NEVER buy a Trane or American Standard air conditioner again. Appalling quality, abysmal customer service.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2022

I purchased a complete Trane AC & air handler in 4-2017 for $5500. I have had nothing but problems ever since then. Every year something went out on it, and every certified Trane AC technician I had come out said they have seen nothing but problems with the residential Trane units. One even commented he “cringed” when he saw it was a Trane.

The Trane outside AC unit completely died 9-2022, it’s coil was leaking & was shot, and the compressor was badly rusted (I was told it would die within the next year). I had all my paperwork saying Trane has a 10 year warranty, my original invoice, permit, etc. The company that installed has gone out of business, but the new AC company I was using said it is out of warranty, it was not registered. If you register your unit, the base 5 year warranty (parts only) gets extended to 10 years parts only. I called Trane and I explained that was never relayed to me – Trane essentially said “Too Bad”, they would do nothing.

The local AC company told me they could fix the coil for $3700 or put in a new outside unit for $4500 (and the new outside unit would only have a 5 year warranty) – but neither would be available for 6 weeks, there is a big backorder on the coils since so many of them need replacing. Why would I ever put in another system that barely made it 5 years with multiple breakdowns and who the technicians have told me to stay away from?

Take a look online, Tranes are known to have problems with their coils and there has already been 1 class action lawsuit against them. My old AC (Payne) lasted 20 years in the Florida heat, the Trane made it 5. I post this to hopefully help someone make an educated decision as to whether or not to install a residential Trane AC system.

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