Top 10 Ingenious Robotic Companies Making a Breakthrough in 2022


More and more companies are realizing the many benefits of adopting robotics in their businesses.

Robotics is one field that is fast picking up pace across traditional as well as new industries. More and more companies are realizing the many benefits of adopting to robotics in their businesses. The robotics industry is flooding the market with ever new innovative ideas. No one imagined that the E-commerce industry, which is relatively new to automation will rapidly adopt Robots to personalize both products and delivery. Thanks to COVID-19, there are thousands of robots installed worldwide in e-commerce which did not exist 5 years ago. Robotics trends are changing with new robotic trends such as low-cost robots, up-skilling robots, agile robots, etc. Sometimes it is a contingency of situation and other times it is the sheer vision and creativity of robotics companies that enable the production of innovative robots. Here, we have listed out top 10 robotics companies which are making a mark in intelligent robotics engineering.


Smooth Human-Robot interaction is more than necessary in the healthcare industry, particularly whenever a pandemic hits humanity making comprehensive healthcare an impossible mission. Diligent Robotics’ Moxi robot just fills in this gap. Diligent defines itself as a human-centered robotics company, making robots that can work along with humans. Their robots can collaborate and adapt to humans. It is basically into producing service robots to work with individuals as well as groups.


Specialized in developing automated, self-driving tow trucks, it has automated tow-truck Palion Lift AMR to its credit. It has a 3,500-pound navigation capacity and navigates programmed routes like being instructed by a human. Palion trucks see, understand, and learn about their environments with an AI-enabled proprietary vision system. Seegrid has also launched RaaS (Robots as a Service), a versatile subscription system, as an alternative to the purchase and lease model.

Boston Dynamics

They combine dynamic control and balance principles with sophisticated mechanical designs to produce robots that are agile and can run. The most popular one is their recently released dog robot. They can perform tasks that are humanly impossible in difficult terrains. SPOT, a mobile robot, is designed to sense and inspect, and explore without boundaries. As their tag line says, their robotic products are innovative enough and make anyone change their idea of what a robot can do.


Akara develops robotics technology that empowers front-line workers in the healthcare industry. It offers end-to-end disinfectant solutions for deployment in the healthcare industry. ‘Violet’ is a robot released by Akara, developed with the collaboration of renowned microbiologists from Trinity College of Dublin can clean even the impossible-to-reach corners. Stevie is another creation of Akara, which has earned laurels the world over for its ability to deliver human-like care. In 2019, it was featured on the cover of Time Magazine and touted as one of the best inventions of 2019.

Blue Ocean Robotics

Blu Ocean Robotics specializes in the production of service robots for deployment in healthcare, hospitality, and agriculture. It ideates, designs, develops and sells its robots. It is one of its kind Robotics companies focused on commercialisation establishing a robot brand with its own subsidiary-venture company. UVD robots, a mobile robot used for disinfection; PTR Robots, a mobile robot for safe patient handling; Beam Robots, a mobile telepresence robot for communication are the most popular robots in its kitty. It has won the robot industry’s prestigious IERA award in 2019.

AMP Robotics

And, finally here is robotics technology to do the real dirty job: segregating waste. AMP robotics’, AMP Neuron can separate garbage into plastics, papers, metals recognizing by their color, size, shape, opacity, form factor, brand, etc. Its main working principle lies in its ability to contextualise data and memorising it for further use. When deployed globally, it can have a huge impact on waste production management and how waste segregation is perceived globally.

Exyn Technologies

It specializes in producing aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied environments. According to the company stated it is so easy to operate that even dogs can fly them. Its gimballed Velodyne lidar sensor can capture a 360-degree view of the surroundings making it easy to find a way through beyond-the-line-of-sight environments without interference from humans. Their flexible full-stack structure facilitates the deployment of single or multiple robots for a task. They capture high-risk data and can fly without GPS & BVLOS and are enabled with quick post-operation data processing.

Agility Robotics

It is another robotic company whose domain expertise lies in producing agile robots. Their Robots like Atria and Cassie enabled with robotic-legged mobility are specialized in navigating tough spaces, inaccessible to humans. With advanced capabilities like robotic legged mobility, Digit can demonstrate robust walking and running gaits, perception to enable stair climbing. It uses 2-DOF feet capability for improved balance and stability to walk around different surfaces.

Nuro AI

Nuro AI is into ideating innovative products; self-driving cars being one. Their idea is to improve safety on roads by reducing the number of trips one takes on the road to run everyday errands. It has raised $500 million and has partnered with companies like Dominos, Walmart, CVS pharmacy, Krogers, etc. It has a $5 billion valuation according to a report by TechCrunch. Their USP lies in deploying small vehicles on purpose to prevent pedestrian fatality on roads and also because these vehicles carry only goods, it is easy to prioritise the safety of others.

Universal Robots

Universal Robots is a pioneer in HRC (Human-Robot Collaboration), which is suitable for workplaces with difficult ergonomics. The robotic solutions developed using HRC help solve labour shortages, and at the same time increase productivity and improve quality. HRC technologies are more than putting humans and bots together. These robots are basically employed where the terrain is ergonomically difficult and the application involves routine tasks such as lifting heavy weights, climbing a huge flight of stairs, etc. As HRC technology has the potential to put humans at risk, Universal Robots has developed caged robots to work along with humans.

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