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Too Steamy? Valve says no to virtual reality sex experience Holodexxx

In quick: Steam is as soon as again under the spotlight over its often-confusing policy concerning adult-only video games. This time, the designer of Holodexxx, a virtual truth experience that lets users communicate with adult movie stars through 3D scans and chatbot innovation, has actually revealed frustration after being turned down from the market 3 times.

In a post describing the circumstance, the dev composes that Steam’s 2018 choice to permit adult product onto the service and take a less hands-on method to small amounts was an increase.

The business started its tentative effort to get Holodexxx onto Steam by sending a PG-13 experience that included Riley Reid, star of Night at the Sexual Museum and Grease XXX, carrying out a “sensuous dance” in VR. Regardless of an absence of nudity, it was turned down with “a boiler-plate description that video porn was not permitted on Steam.”

Holodexxx then sent Meet Marley, which permitted the gamer to check a 3D naked design of adult starlet Marley Brinx; this was likewise turned down for the exact same factor. The dev asked Valve to clarify why it stated no, once again. Rather of getting a comprehensive description, the business stated it would “evaluate our next app when they get it.”

A lot of you have actually asked why Holodexxx isn’t on Steam. Steam will not permit IP including genuine adult performers on their platform, no matter nudity. Somebody describe it to us, due to the fact that Steam will not.

— Holodexxx VR (@holodexxxvr) May 8, 2021

Lastly, Holodexxx House was sent in the hope that including context to the adult material through story and character would calm Valve. This experience included speaking with Woman Ecstasy (based upon Brinx) utilizing the chatbot tech. It likewise consisted of a few of the video game’s “genuinely adult” material. Unsurprisingly, this was likewise turned down.

Back in March, Steam declined to offer “pickup artist” FMV video game Super Seducer 3. While there are lots of video games with sexual material offered on the platform, Valve appears to fix a limit at anything including genuine individuals or their virtual representations.

Valve does define in its Guidelines and Standards that raunchy pictures of genuine individuals will not be released on Steam, though sex video game Houseparty appears to have actually evaded that guideline. If you wish to attempt Holodexxx, it’s offered on

h/t: PC Player


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