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Today’s letters: Readers comment on Meta, high prices and smash-and-grab thieves

Death at our VR door

Facebook has changed its name to Meta. So, what’s the big deal? They are leading their followers right off the cliff of innocence. Virtual reality is about to take away the life of most of the youths of the world with this experiment. And the end is already foretold in the very name of Meta. You see, in Hebrew this word means “death.” How appropriate for the end of our minds.

Jerry Rodeheaver, Dunnellon

Who’s to blame?

Voters are blaming the current administration for the shortages and high prices plaguing the nation, yet they have decided to block out the past two years.

Two years ago the price of gas was dramatically high because people were going to work and traveling, and schools were open. Last year, with all of the shutdowns, people were working from home, only a handful of people were traveling and schools did not need buses. There were no backlogs at ports or shortages at stores because people were not buying things that were not necessary.

Now we are facing shortages because people are traveling and going to work, and schools are open. There is a backlog at ports due to hundreds of thousands of workers having quit their jobs. There are no workers at the ports to unload the ships, there are limited truck drivers to take the cargo across the country, and warehouses are seeing a shortage of workers. This is the busiest time of the year, and we have a shortage of workers to process online sales. Shelves at stores have limited supplies available due to the fact that customers are overbuying items.

The prices are going up not only because of the lack of workers but the fact that we had several months of severe weather. Texas was hit with a severe winter storm, killing thousands of chickens. Floods hit the middle of the country, destroying crops. The Midwest was hit with the worst drought in history, also destroying crops. The list goes on and on, yet voters are forgetting what other factors have contributed to the skyrocketing prices and shortages. The current administration can be blamed for a few issues, but what is going on today is the result of what happened the past 18 months.

Theresa Grimes, Belleview

Christmas thieves

’Twas the weeks before Christmas when all through the towns cheerful faces were turned into frowns.

All the stores were stocked with gifts and glittering decor to entice shoppers to spend more.

The smash-and-grab thieves were gathering their gangs to unleash their horribly wicked crimes. Children were worried that the toys they hoped to receive from Santa would be stolen or broken and swept away and they hugged their pets closer who shared in their sorrow.

Milo shared his feelings with the children vowing to do more and went outside to plan his actions against the ruthless thieves.

Milo rounded up his four-legged friends. There were shepherds, cocker spaniels, terriers and all breeds ready to help him get rid of the smash-and-grabbers.

The thieves arrived in their fast cars, leapt out, ran inside the store doors and began to smash the display cases that held the pretty gifts and toys.

The dogs, led by brave Milo, chased the thieves, bearing their teeth and biting them wherever they could. An immense din filled the store with barks and growls, and the thieves ran outside with their bitten — but empty — hands.

Milo and his buddies returned to their homes, pleased with their actions and seeing happy faces again.

Merry Christmas!

Teresa Cook, Ocala

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Donovan Larsen

Donovan is a columnist and associate editor at the Dark News. He has written on everything from the politics to diversity issues in the workplace.

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