Tinkoff Announces Selection of Startups for Integration into Its Ecosyste

Tinkoff Announces Selection of Startups for Integration into Its Ecosyste

Tinkoff announces the launch of a new program to assist startups and technology projects.

As part of the program, Tinkoff Group will become a strategic investor or partner to companies that show stable growth and have the potential to be integrated into Tinkoff’s services, product lines or its wider ecosystem.

Companies of any size are eligible for the program and its primary selection criteria is the startup or its initiatives’ potential to help the Group reach any of its objectives:

  • Attracting customers into the Tinkoff ecosystem

  • Monetizing new products or services

  • Implementing initiatives to attract customers into the Tinkoff ecosystem

  • Developing and implementing innovative solutions to streamline intra-Group processes.

Program participants will enjoy varied forms of support from Tinkoff – from expert consulting to direct investments.

The Program also allows:

  • Tinkoff to serve as a financial and engineering partner, as well as a process automation provider and payment partner.

  • The Tinkoff ecosystem to be used for pilot runs to test products or business ideas

  • Startups to obtain new sales channels and customers, for instance, with the help of the Tinkoff super app or Target recommendation system

  • Tinkoff to purchase certain solutions from startups, become an investor, or buy the entire project and embed it into the Tinkoff ecosystem.

Konstantin Markelov, Vice President, Business Technologies:

“Tinkoff has a well-developed infrastructure for testing hypotheses and business ideas. We have always cultivated entrepreneurship among our employees and encouraged in-house startups. Our expertise has enabled us to extend our search for interesting ideas beyond the boundaries of the Group as well as to streamline the management of external teams.

We are ready to consider any startup – what is most important to us is whether we can find common ground and opportunities for mutual growth. We are ready to undertake joint initiatives, help promising teams to grow with the assistance of our ecosystem, and join forces to create something new that is of greater value than would be possible were we to work separately.

As a strategic investor, we are open to considering all initiatives that have the potential to strengthen our Group.”

Startups can apply via the website by enclosing the project’s PP briefing alongside their desired format for cooperation.


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