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“This is unprecedented:” The Texas Home School Coalition’s inquiries have tripled since last year

KELLER, Texas (UKTN) – As many school districts in North Texas are breaking records for the number of COVID-19 cases, so too are the number of parents looking for alternative school options.

“Last year we were virtual the first half of the year because I thought it was the safest and when I look at how secure it was back then… I think” it is a horrible mistake! “said Marti Shavor, a Keller ISD parent.

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Keller ISD’s COVID-19 dashboard on Wednesday, September 8, showed nearly a thousand active cases.

Although the number is self-reported, parents are concerned the data may be inaccurate with even higher numbers.

“So you can understand our anxiety right now and how worried we are,” said Priyanka Patel, a parent of KISD.

KISD does not require masks and says they do not plan to discuss the option at an upcoming board meeting.

“It’s just frustrating. This year, when it comes to the delta, we should be doing more. Delta is more contagious, ”Shavor said.

The Texas Education Agency reported on Friday that at least 55 school districts in Texas have closed one or more of their schools due to COVID-19 since the start of the year.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and 14 more school districts have been added, now 70 in total.

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That’s why Tim Lambert, president of the Texas Home School Coalition, thinks more parents are turning to other options.

“Basically a lot of people are saying we never would have homeschooled without all of these uncertainties,” Lambert said.

Statewide, interest in home schooling is starting to peak.

According to census bureau data, at the end of last school year, only 4.5% of students in Texas were home-schooled.

Last fall, that number jumped to 12.3%.

Now, the Texas Home School Coalition estimates that this fall, a record 20% of students could be homeschooled.

“It’s unprecedented,” Lambert said.

They say home schooling inquiries have tripled since last summer, and many of those colors are coming from the most populous areas of the state, including here in North Texas.

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“There is no question that home schooling is here to stay and these trend lines are parabolic,” Lambert said.


Although the number is self-reported, parents are concerned the data may be inaccurate with even higher numbers.

Source: https://www.uktimenews.com/this-is-unprecedented-the-texas-home-school-coalitions-inquiries-have-tripled-since-last-year/

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