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Third Reality Inc Launches a New Smart Home Product—-THIRDREALITY Smart Button aims at simplifying your smart home

, /PRNewswire/ — Today, THIRDREALITY, a brand focuses on researching and developing smart home products, unveiled a new home automation product—- THIRDREALITY Smart Button, with which home automation system will become easy and efficient. No need for wiring, the design of THIRDREALITY Smart Button is compact and simple, and can be installed almost everyplace with the double-sided tape or magnetic strips.

Using standard ZigBee 3.0 protocol, THIRDREALITY Smart Button is compatible with the mainstream ZigBee 3.0 hubs in the market. In additions, as a standard Zigbee device, the power consumption of the Smart Button is extremely low. Equipped with two AAA batteries, it can stay work for almost three years.

Three types of control setting and four-color options offer more scenarios and DIY choices —- each setting can be used to a different event and different color can be installed in different area of your house which simplify your home automation system to a great extent. In the daily life, you may have some constant scenarios—- turn off some lights and close the blind when watching movies at home, turn off all the lights before sleeping or turn on some lights when arriving home. The repetitive things can be burdensome, however, with THIRDREALITY Smart Button, you can assign the daily scenarios to one of button presses. For example, using one press turns off all lights. It’s pretty convenient and cool! And, you can attach the Smart Button with the stickers which is provided, so that your family will clearly know what is controlled by each Smart Button.

THIRDREALITY Smart Button is on sale at Amazon now. You can find them at

About Third Reality, Inc

Third Reality, Inc. is an innovative smart home products company which committes to deliver the top quality, user-friendly products. The product portfolio includes the popular smart switch, Zigbee hub, smart motion sensor, smart door sensor, smart water leak sensor, smart plug, smart blinds and newly added smart button.

For more information and products about THIRDREALITY, you can visit the official website at:

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