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These Indian Companies Have Ended Work From Home, Told Employees To Work From Office –

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS has vaccinated 90% of its workforce and is getting ready to bring them back to offices.

NG Subramaniam, COO, said that over half of its staff feel ready to return to offices.

He adds that it is time for social capital, something which only an office environment fosters, to be replenished.


Infosys said in a memo to its staff that as the pandemic situation and vaccine coverage in the country improves, they must return to the offices.

However, it has not called all of its workforce back at once.

It is also considering a hybrid workforce model under which a certain percentage of employees will come back to the office.


It is calling its staff back in a gradual manner starting from September.

It is closely monitoring the pandemic situation and the fear of its third d’wave along with the pace of vaccine coverage.

It says that over 55% of its 2 lakh+ staff is vaccinated.


The IT and digital product engineering firm has reopened its Gurgaon office.

However, it has left it to the employees themselves to choose where they wish to work from.


It is reopening offices with strict safety protocols in place.

Other measures it is taking include below 30% occupancy in the office, contactless solutions, better ventilation, following social distancing norms and prioritising vaccination.

HCL Tech

It is taking a more liberal approach in that it is making it the employees’ choice to rejoin offices.

It has begun studying which roles require in-office presence and which can be done remotely.

It has maintained its stance against a one-size-fits-all policy regarding office return.

It has also been vaccinating its employees and their families on campus.


It will introduce its hybrid-workspace model starting this month.

Its corporate culture is rooted in in-person collaboration.

To that end, it is asking staff to work for three days from the office.

It reportedly leased a 4 lakh sq ft office in Bangalore last year.

Merits Of Office Work

Like almost any other issue, there are two sides to consider here.

Work from the office, like many head honchos believe, helps people collaborate and solve problems together.

Brainstorming can be done at the water cooler, among other things which work from home does not facilitate.

Employees can also help each other if they see someone struggling and in need of advice.

However, this does not take away from the merits of remote work

Merits Of Remote Work

A significant amount of time is wasted on daily two-way commutes for many.

This not only leads to exhaustion, but costs precious time which can be spent at home tending to the family or other needs.

It is also undeniable that productivity, like many feared would take a hit, has improved if not been the same as before.

It seems then that a hybrid model is the best way forward, instead of leaning completely towards either office work or remote work.

However, it has not called all of its workforce back at once.


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