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These 3 steps will save you from losing your smartphone data

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In the event you or your parents (more like only parents!) have a habit of accidentally deleting stuff from your phone, or in case your phone dies or is lost – here are some smart tips you can apply so you can get your crucial data back.

Here are the procedures to follow if you’re new to this and want to perform the same thing on your parents’ phone (or yours):

WhatsApp backups: To backup to Google Drive, select Settings > Chats > Chat backup from the three dots in the top right corner of the screen. Choose the Google account you want the backup stored to, and then specify whether you want it to occur every day, every week, or every month. My parents’ plans have extremely little capacity, so I personally don’t include films or enable backups over cellular data, but feel free to if you choose.

Google Photos backups: Then select Photos settings > Back up & sync > Back up & sync by tapping the avatar in the top right corner. Activate it and select your preferred upload size and whether you want to back up via a data connection. The “storage saver” quality, which reduces the size of the image or video without significantly reducing its quality or level of detail, should be more than sufficient.

Android phone backup: Go to Settings > System > Backup > Backup by Google One on the phone. Activate that, select the Google account you want to back up to, and confirm that every toggle under Google Account data is turned on. This guarantees that important data, like as contacts, calendar events, documents, emails, Keep notes, and other items, is synchronised to the cloud as well.

You can always restore everything using these three settings.


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