The UK’s solution for enemy drones? Lasers.

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Cover picture for the articleThe United Kingdom is investing roughly $100 million in new directed energy weapons across sea and land. Split into three contracts, and announced September 14 at the Defence and Security Equipment International exhibition in London, two of the direct energy weapons will be lasers that can stop drones, while the third will use radio to detect and track targets. It’s a push for a new kind of weapon that can face a new kind of threat, and do so cost-effectively.




UK PM says fuel problems driven by demand, immigration is no solution

MANCHESTER, England (Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday any difficulty drivers were having in filling up with petrol is due to demand and ruled out relying on immigration to boost the numbers of truck drivers to deliver the fuel. At the beginning of his governing Conservative…

The U.S. Air Force’s First Europe-Based F-35A Squadron Has Been Activated

RAF Lakenheath in England is set to receive two USAF F-35A squadrons, with the first jets slated to begin arriving this winter. The U.S. Air Force’s 48th Fighter Wing announced Friday that it has reactivated the 495th Fighter Squadron, known as the “Valkyries,” today, at the symbolically specific time of “exactly 8:49 and 50 seconds.” The unit will be the first U.S. Air Force F-35A squadron in Europe, or anywhere outside the U.S., really. Its activation, which The War Zone wrote about when it was first planned last year, was timed to coincide with its designation as a fighter squadron 30 years ago today. The squadron’s inventory will eventually consist of 27 F-35A Lightning II aircraft, according to the Air Force.


UK Wants China Out Of Nuclear Power Project

The UK is ousting China’s CGN from the Sizewell C nuclear power plant project, the Financial Times reported, adding that the options for the 20-percent stake that the Chinese company holds in the project will be sold to institutional investors or floated on the stock market. Reports of the UK…


UK army to deliver petrol from Monday amid fuel crisis: govt

The British army will begin delivering petrol to fuel stations on Monday after fears over tanker driver shortages led to panic buying and forced the government to offer visa waivers to foreign truckers to plug the shortfall. The government has already made a U-turn on tighter post-Brexit immigration policy, offering short-term visa waivers to foreign truckers to help plug the shortfall.

Aviation Week

UK Royal Navy Launches Target Drones From Carrier Deck

LONDON–The UK Royal Navy has launched unmanned air systems (UAS) from the flight deck of its new carrier HMS Prince of Wales. The catapult launches of QinetiQ Banshee target drones took place as the navy mulls how to deliver an air wing with a mix of manned and unmanned air systems from the deck of…


PDRL’s AeroGCS to prevent Misuse of Indian Drones through NPNT solution

PDRL’s AeroGCS software is being used by majority of Indian drone manufacturers to get NPNT compliance. Recent newsflash on airbase by drones has pulled public attention and raised concerns for security forces, individuals as well as entities using drones for business purposes. Certainly, the mishappening has caused irreversible damage, and required measures are being taken to prevent future incidents of this nature. Multiple solutions are being talked about for risk mitigation from misuse of drones. One of such solutions is following strict use of NPNT (No Permission No Take-off) compliance set by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). When NPNT software solution is used by drone manufacturer for their drones, their misuse can be fully avoided even if the drones fall in hands of some notorious third party.


Wind Turbine Inspection Drone Startups Gain Ground in UK

As wind farms proliferate in ever more remote locations, a U.K. startup is deploying self-piloting drones to survey turbines blades and transmit data to produce detailed images of damage using artificial intelligence. Another team is close to commercializing a robot to make closer damage surveys and undertake repairs. Once released,…


Light Reading

BT trumpets drone trial at UK port, but without 5G

BT has already made it clear that it expects drones to support many commercial applications in future, with support from the 4G and 5G networks it acquired through its purchase of mobile operator EE. For example, the operator is leading Project XCelerate, a consortium project that seeks to establish the…

UK cabinet split over solution to lorry driver shortage

A cabinet split is hampering the government’s efforts to deal with the nationwide shortage of lorry drivers that threatens fuel supplies at some petrol stations and caused some panic-buying of fuel on Friday, the Guardian has learned. Ministers are divided about the best way to solve the shortage of lorry…

C4ISR & Networks

Here are the cheap counter-drone solutions DoD tested in the Arizona desert

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has demonstrated another round of systems capable of countering small drone threats focused on cheap, ground-launched and hand-held options in the desert in Arizona. After soliciting whitepapers in May on the federal contract opportunities site, the Joint Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office — or JCO —…


Danish drones guide OneWeb’s antenna testing

OneWeb, the satellite company partially owned by the UK government, is using drones to carry out an antenna validation campaign at the Telespazio teleport in Scanzano, Italy. The low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications company has turned to QuadSAT, a Danish startup that does the test and measurement of satellite antennas by the use of drones.

UK Ministry of Defense Awards Contracts for Laser and Radio Frequency Weapons

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones are new-age threats that require new-age solutions. Countering mass-produced drones with multi-million dollar missile systems makes no sense in warfare, therefore, military establishments around the world are developing laser-based systems to counter them. The Ministry of Defense in the U.K. joins the club after investing in three projects to develop laser and radio frequency-based weapon systems, a press release said.

UK Supermarkets Adopt Automated Solutions to Combat Labor Shortage

As United Kingdom grocers struggle against a historically challenging labor market, many are accelerating their automation efforts. On Monday (Sept. 20), it was reported that Germany-based discount grocery giant Aldi is trying out its first checkout-less supermarket in London, and on Tuesday (Sept. 20), Asda, a United Kingdom grocery chain with 645 locations, announced that it will begin testing out autonomous delivery with self-driving vans next year.


War on cash intensifies as shoppers banned from spending notes and coins

Dozens of towns and cities have turned into “cash deserts” where shoppers are regularly blocked from paying with notes and coins. In some areas almost half of people have been barred from paying in cash this year, according to a major survey of consumers conducted for Telegraph Money by cash machine provider Cardtronics.


Optus, AWS Create 5G Solution for Electricity Grid Inspections using Drone

Optus will collaborate with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and AWS partner Unleash live to create a 5G solution for Australian electricity provider, Endeavour Energy to improve the speed, efficiency, and safety of real-time fault inspections of its electricity grid. Endeavour Energy’s electricity distribution network spans 47,000km of power lines, 500,000…

London inquest seeks to solve mystery sinking of French trawler

A coroner’s inquest opens in London on Monday into the mysterious sinking of a French fishing trawler 17 years ago, which the victims’ families blame on a submarine. French courts spent years investigating the sinking of the Bugaled Breizh in international waters off Cornwall, southwest England, on January 15, 2004.


Birmingham Star

Chinese projects in south Asia facing hurdles: Report

Singapore, October 2 (ANI): After the initial fanfare about Chinese projects in South-Asian countries, the much-touted infrastructure deals in nations like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal are reportedly are stuck in limbo by delays, complications and increased costs. China’s highly-touted Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) seems to be losing its sheen…


The $100-billion toll of a pig epidemic in China

China’s gross domestic product suffered a loss of nearly 1% in 2019, after officials culled millions of pigs infected with a lethal virus1. All prices are NET prices. VAT will be added later in the checkout. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. Additional access options:. doi: https://doi.org/10.1038/d41586-021-02642-z.

Aviation Week

China Testing Two Domestic Turbofans On Y-20 Airlifter

SINGAPORE—China is in the process of trialing two types of domestically built turbofans on its Xian Y-20 strategic airlifter, the aircraft type’s chief engineer Tang Changhong has confirmed. Speaking at a Zhuhai Airshow press conference in late September, Tang said tests are currently underway and… Subscription Required. China Testing Two…

Source: https://www.newsbreak.com/news/2391712802241/the-uk-s-solution-for-enemy-drones-lasers

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