The EXO Package

DRONE U – Sharpen your camera eye with Chuck

See more about the ‘Professional Explained’ course below – learn the recipe of next level content!

1/2 Hour Personal Lesson

Get the opportunity to video chat with an EXO Pro and run their brain – at any point in your progression!

TECH SUPPORT – available 9-5

Support is done by call-in, or scheduled through email, and can be linked through any of the following – (Google Duo, Zoom, Facetime, or Cell)

Instructions as Videos (2) – because who wants to read?

(1) Getting from box to air; (2) Learn your in-flight features/customize your settings.

Want a taste? (ep. 1/7: Landscapes)

Other Episodes:

2) Ariel Photography
3) Shooting Action/Sports
4) Color Grading
5) Editing Rad Videos
6) Manual Cinematic Motions
7) Shooting Promotions/Commercials

“There’s more to a drone shot than knowing how to fly”

As videographers, we understand what it takes to go from being a new pilot owner to being an expert – so we streamlined the process through the way you’re presented knowledge, paired with technology. You’ll learn not only know how to easily use this technology, but also how to look at ariel video/photography in an experienced way, so that your drone can become a tool for creativity, rather than just an automation machine

Start My Journey (1) Getting from box to air; (2) Learn your in-flight features/customize your settings.

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