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The Best Dog Products of 2023

A streamlined happy medium between an all-enveloping shell and scratchy tangle of straps, the vest-shaped harness is made of breathable, water-resistant neoprene (which scores extra credit for being washing machine safe) and is padded for comfort, with a removable breastplate.

It’s easy to maneuver on and off with a simple click under each front leg, the Dogline fits snugly without being too tight. A heavy-duty D-ring on the back provides good leverage for either casual walks, giving corrections, or communicating with service dogs.

Incidentally, since Velcro strips on the side allow for the attachment of signage, ID’s or tags, this harness is especially useful for working/service dogs, dogs in training, or in any instance when you need to transmit info about your dog to the outside world (such as “Do Not Pet,” or “Adopt Me.”)

A built-in, generously-sized handle allows you to grab the dog if needed, help them up and around obstacles, or provide extra support in the case of injury or impaired mobility. The only downsides are the lack of a front-facing D-ring, and the fact that the thick adjustable straps take some muscle to use.

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