Tandem partners Cogo to help customers track their carbon footprint

UK challenger Tandem has partnered with Cogo to offer its customers the ability to calculate the carbon footprint of their spending.

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Cogo to integrate its tech with Tandem in 2023

Cogo’s carbon footprint management app will initially feature on Tandem’s green living hub, which offers practical advice, information and tools for customers, with plans to integrate the tech directly into the Tandem banking app in 2023.

Cogo has already established partnerships with NatWest in the UK and Commbank in Australia, making use of open banking technology to provide an accurate way to measure carbon emissions that are specific to local markets.

It also utilises behavioural science techniques to nudge customers to make more sustainable choices.

Emma Kisby, EMEA CEO at Cogo, says Tandem customers will be able to “measure, understand and reduce” their carbon footprint based on where and how they spend money in an effort to tackle the climate crisis.

Cogo cites research it conducted that shows more than 80% of UK mobile banking users want to know about the environmental impact of their spending decisions. Despite these good intentions, many customers “need help identifying where they can make the biggest differences”.

Having access to the relevant data will allow customers to start making incremental changes that will help save the planet, Cogo says.

Tandem chief impact and marketing officer Georgina Whalley says adding Cogo to Tandem’s offering will give customers “a clearer understanding” of their carbon footprint, helping them both save money and the planet.


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