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Supplemental Ways to Keep Your Child’s Learning on Track

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Cover picture for the articleCreativity and flexibility, especially amid a global pandemic, have become the name of the game when it comes to learning. Along with traditional in person school, there now exists hybrid learning, homeschooling, alternative schools, virtual online education, or any mix of those combined. Finding teachable moments to supplement learning from school…



Determining Your Child’s Cold Symptoms Vs. COVID-19, And When To Keep Them Home From School

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Omicron variant of COVID-19 has magnified the dilemma parents are facing with regularity. How do you know if your child has a cold or COVID, and when do you keep them home?It’s an incredibly frustrating situation and a very disruptive decision on the home front — one that pediatrician Dr. Adam Keating fully understands.“I think it’s important to acknowledge just how difficult this is and just how tired of this we all are. This is all making our lives much more difficult,” says Dr. Keating.Because isolation and quarantines require a major scheduling upheaval at home, add…


Your child’s first phone: Tips to keep them safe

If you have a tween, a cell phone is probably at the top of their holiday wish list. But as parents, the idea of handing a cell phone to our children can be overwhelming or even scary. Carly Dorogi, child development specialist, brings parents peace of mind with some advice…

Ways To Teach Your Child To Care About the Environment

There are many benefits to teaching your children to care about the environment. Most eco-friendly activities get your kids outside and create deep respect for the environment as they grow up. In addition, kids who participate in more environmentally conscious hobbies are more likely to practice sustainability as an adult….



Helping Your Child Get On Track: Education Tips for 2022

If your child’s education was affected by the pandemic, parents can take certain steps to help get them back on track. Your school may already be providing your children with additional education services and supports. If you feel that the supports and services are inadequate, or are not sure if your child is making adequate progress, follow these steps for 2022:

How to Spark Your Child’s Independence: 3 Easy Ways to Start Molding Independent Kids

Sparking your child’s independence doesn’t mean having them make their own breakfast at age 5 (although it is possible for them to prepare cereal and milk at this age), but rather learning to think and act on their own appropriately. When showing your child how to be independent, you’re mostly teaching them to know they can be their own person and learn how to operate life without you. As most parents should understand, you will not always be there for them. For a child to be ready to take on life beyond living under your roof, it’s important to spark their independence.


Should You Spank Your Child? Consequences And 9 Ways To Discipline

Spanking is a term used to describe the act of hitting a child with open hands, mostly on their bottom. This is a common parenting technique to discipline children and has been in practice for several decades now. Some argue that spanking is a harmless act, while others disagree. Since spanking has a long history, some parents are skeptical about whether or not to spank their children (1).


Winchester News Gazette

6 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp as You Age

(Family Features) As knowledge about the aging process, medical research and technology continues to advance, so do the options for managing how aging impacts your life. While biologically everyone ages differently, you can control some things by committing to healthy lifestyle choices that can keep your mind sharp for years to come.


Try these nutrition and supplement tips to keep your older dog in optimal health

Have you ever wondered if vitamins for an old dog are necessary? As your beloved dog ages, they’re bound to experience some of the inevitable health problems that come with age. Naturally, you want to do everything in your power to help them stay healthy for a long time to come. There are tons of products you can try to make your dog feel great, including supplements and vitamins. But does your pup actually need them? Keep reading to learn whether your senior pup would benefit from vitamins and which of the best supplements for older dogs you should try.


Expert Advice To Help Improve Your Relationship In 2022

Relationships can be challenging and when you throw in the stress of the pandemic, they’re tested even more. Most couples need a relationship tune-up every once in a while and therapists can help. Here’s what mental health pros recommend to help you and your partner thrive in 2022.


3 Questions to Ask Your Partner

Unless we intentionally show our partners that they’re important to us, they will likely come to believe the opposite. Arguing to learn maintains connection; arguing to win causes disconnection. Parenting conflicts are inevitable and must be reconciled in the long-term best interests of the children. 1. Can you tell…


15 Signs Someone Is a Master of Mental Manipulation

Have you ever been in a relationship that was a virtual carnival of mind games? People in healthy relationships are considerate of one another and don’t need to resort to mental manipulation or other abuse. Mental manipulation may be subtle, but it’s still psychologically harmful and unacceptable. Fifteen…

Psychologists offer ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions

Jan 1 (UPI) — It’s clear that these last couple of years have been tough for a lot of people. So now that it’s the week when people make New Year’s resolutions, go easy on yourself. If you’d like to make a resolution, start small, the American Psychological Association suggests….


How Will You Nourish Yourself This Year?

Our life choices either deplete us or nourish us. They affect us physically, emotionally and spiritually, usually all at the same time. We can feel our choices down to the bone, in our gut and around our heart space. Our bodies speak to us, loud and clear, positive or negative.


Your child’s first phone: Tips to keep them safe

If you have a tween, a cell phone is probably at the top of their holiday wish list. But as parents, the idea of handing a cell phone to our children can be overwhelming or even scary. Carly Dorogi, child development specialist, brings parents peace of mind with some advice…

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