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FTM here, I know there are a lot of posts about strollers, and I apologize for asking this question. But FTM or STM what type of strollers are you purchasing or purchased? And has anyone purchased any of the Nuna travel system?

P.s. as of now not thinking of have two kids.

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I got the Uppababy Vista V2.. I’m getting. The Nuna Pipa lte rx with adapters for the stroller.

We will have an Uppababy Cruz and Nuna Pipa Lite RX for this baby. We had a Pipa RX last time and it was great! Love Nuna for car seats.

FTM we are purchasing the Nuna PIPA urbn and TRIV next Travel System.

PIPA urbn because it is a baseless carrier that will allow us to travel with her in any car or allow my mom (who will watch her) to put her in her car, if needed.

The Triv Next because it is light, folds up easily, and compact. I did not want a bulky or cumbersome stroller.

I got the uppa baby vista with the nuna pipa lite rx car seat for my first. I’ll be reusing it for this baby

stm and we got the nuna demi grow stroller and a nuna pipa rx car seat

I’m getting the chicco corso travel system.

I got the city select by baby jogger. It was great bc I wanted 1 stroller for all my kids. It worked perfectly to easily adjust from a single to a double to a single. I often even did this within one day! Having 1 stroller in my trunk made it so easy verse swapping stuff out in the garage. So versatile and worth every penny bc I wasn’t buying multiple strollers!

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We used the chicco corso travel system with my first and loved it. Love the price, the style and the easy click of the car seat. Not too heavy and even after my C-section I could pick up the stroller and car seat fine.

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