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Chinese Vinchin Company Launches Backup & Recovery V.7.0 Software

Including NAS backup, physical server backup for Linux and Windows servers, VMware backup verification, Postgres Pro and MariaDB protection, and multi-threaded file scan/transmission for file backup

History 2001: DVD-RAM Demise Greatly Exaggerated?

Given low sales volume since 1998 | by Jean Jacques Maleval

R&D: Survey of MRAM-Centric Computing, From Near Memory to In Memory

Paper outlines background, trends, and challenges involved in development of MRAM-centric computing, and highlights recent prototypes and advances in applications based on MRAM-NMC and MRAM-IMC.

David Kim Chief Diversity Officer, NetApp

Since January 2023 | by Jean Jacques Maleval

Olympique Lyonnais Groupe Selects HPE GreenLake with Partner Cheops

To support energy efficiency plan and improve visitor and fan experience

HPE Assigned Twenty-Two Patents

Recording memory errors for use after restarts, securely writing data to secure storage device during runtime, cryptographic key security, universal host and NVMe storage domain discovery for NVMe-oF, storage volume clustering based on workload fingerprints, removing stale hints from de-dupe store of storage system, storage system capa usage estimation, identifiers for connections between hosts and storage devices, indirect block containing references to blocks of a persistent fingerprint index, storage device failure policies, virtual persistent volumes for containerized applications, metadata cache for storing manifest portion, image forming apparatus for backing up applications, and operation method, pre-OS environment-based sanitization of storage devices, recovery management for restoring computing resource, fault indications for storage system commands, multiplexed storage accesses, OS repairs via recovery agents, local servers to manage storage across client devices in intermittent network, tiered storage in distributed file system, lift and rotating drive cage, storage monitoring, regulating NVMe-of command requests and data flow across network with mismatched rates

Target Brands Assigned Patent

Persistent storage for server clusters


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