Startups’s Founder Community offers rare peer support for entrepreneurs

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Cover picture for the articleStarting a company is hard, and that’s why only two out of five startups are profitable. Between facing those odds and building a roster of employees and clients, founders are under immense pressure on a continuous basis. When dealing with problems, most people speak to peers who have similar…


the University of Delaware

Entrepreneurs welcome! Join the VDC Community Sessions

Calling all entrepreneurs, creative minds and dedicated problem-solvers. Each Wednesday night from 6-7 p.m. at the Venture Development Center, join like-minded individuals for the VDC Community Sessions. The VDC Community Sessions are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet other students who are facing similar challenges while bringing in new…


Louisville tech founder selected for EY Entrepreneurs Access Network

The founder and president of a Louisville software company has been selected for the EY Entrepreneur Access Network. Don Weobong, founder of Telania LLC, has joined the 2022 cohort of the nationwide accelerator program that aims to elevate emerging and established Black- and Latino-owned companies. Telania, founded in 2002, operates a software called eLeaP, which provides a learning management system and a performance management system for medium to large organizations.


Be an entrepreneur who leads with transparency

As an angel investor who funds promising startups, on occasion — and thankfully it’s rare — I’ve run into less-than-honest behavior. The point where “faking it” translates into stating untruths to investors, customers and oneself is the point at which ego and reality collide — and ego in some cases ends up as the winner.


Funding opportunity to provide continuation of Boots to Business entrepreneurship training

The U.S. Small Business Administration invites eligible nonprofit organizations, state and local government agencies, private sector firms and institutions of higher learning to submit proposals to provide synchronous online entrepreneurship training to transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses. The entrepreneurship training is a continuation of the training participants receive as part of SBA’s Boots to Business training program.



Meet the company that lets you work remotely from anywhere in the world

Millions of Americans are quitting their jobs and rethinking what they want when it comes to work and work-life balance. Companies are responding, meeting their employees’ needs in areas like remote work, flexible hours, four-day workweeks, compensation and more. This story is part of a series looking at the “Great Reshuffle” and the shift in workplace culture taking place right now.

This CEO’s Remote Work Policy Is Only 10 Words. It May Be the Best I’ve Ever Heard

As employers and business leaders everywhere grapple with employee preferences on remote work, they might take a page out of Gravity CEO Dan Price’s playbook. When Price recently polled employees to find out where they wanted to work, only 7 percent said they prefer to work in the office. Thirty-one percent requested a work/home office hybrid solution. And a whopping 62 percent said they would prefer to work only from home.


Remote working or a promotion? Here’s what tech workers would choose

In the ongoing war for talent, the power balance has tipped firmly in favour of employees, who are more willing than ever to vote with their feet if employers refuse to embrace new ways of working. Employee expectations have shifted significantly in recent years, with the ability to work flexibly…



Is a human resources career right for me?

Working alongside people and processes makes a human resource career rewarding and challenging. A human resources career involves serving as an arbitrator, a supervisor, a coordinator, and a teacher. Human resource professionals interview and hire new employees, oversee benefits programs, manage payroll, and facilitate communication between management and staff. To…

Why Bill Gates’ climate VC firm is focused on the tech we don’t have

Breakthrough Energy has emerged as one of the most prominent climate venture capital and policy shops in the U.S. That’s perhaps unsurprising given it’s the brainchild of Bill Gates, a guy you’ve probably heard of. Gates himself put a lot of the thinking behind Breakthrough Energy in…


These are the things that coders want out of work. How many can you offer?

Employers need to prioritize company culture and embrace flexibility beyond remote working if they hope to keep software teams engaged, say developers. A survey of more than 2,000 software engineers by Hired found that developers increasingly prioritize employment that promotes healthy work-life balance and a flexible routine that’s not centred around the office.

Hr Morning

Do employees think they have a sustainable work culture?

Experts are saying that building a sustainable work culture is one way to battle the Great Resignation. But new research shows to do so you must pay attention to two groups: women and junior-level employees. The Clockwise report, “The Real ROI of a Sustainable Work Culture,” analyzed 1,000 U.S. workers….

KPVI Newschannel 6

New Connecticut incubator could spur job growth, business development

(The Center Square) – A $1.3 million business incubator is in the works, Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont said. Lamont announced the anticipated approval from the Connecticut State Bond Commission for the Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut’s Thames River Innovation Center which will focus on job growth in the state.


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