Startup of the Week: Revolutionizing Egypt’s Food Supply-Chain Through an App

Published April 26th, 2021 – 08:30 GMT

Usually when we hear the word “startup”, we tend to think of B2C startups that provide unique products or desired services. However, startups are definitely not limited to this category. For example, there are plenty of thriving B2B startups that even made it to the “Unicorn” status (valuations exceeding the billion dollar mark) like udaan and ACV Auctions. And today, we shed the light on a promising B2B Egyptian startup that has the potential to be the first Unicorn B2B MENA startup, MaxAB.

While working as a General Manager at Careem, Belal El-Megharbel started developing the startup idea, and co-founded MaxAB with Mohamed Ben Halim in 2018. They both wanted to revolutionize and optimize Egypt’s supply-chain network for food and grocery retailers.

“It’s a very segmented supply-chain. Small shops in Cairo have to go through six or seven layers in between — the shipping, unboxing, determining product quality and setting base prices — and that’s what we’re fixing for them,” said El-Megharbel in an interview with TechChurch.

In a nutshell, MaxAB enables grocery stores to order shipments directly from manufacturers via a mobile app, eliminating all intermediaries in the supply chain. The startup has a fleet of trucks and a large warehouse that serves Egypt’s capital, Cairo, and tailored a logistics practice for Egypt to make sure it can meet retail customer needs.

It is worth mentioning that the prosperous B2B startup has raised $6.2 million in MENA’s largest seed round in September 2019.

MaxAB is currently only available for Android devices, and currently it is only operating in Egypt but mulls expanding in North Africa in the future.

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