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Small Business Trends You NeedLet’s look at some top small business trends that can help you respond to these challenges and find success in the coming years.

Electronic Arts plans to acquire Glu Mobile in a deal worth $2.4 billion. This will double the size of EA’s mobile business.

Take-Two Interactive reported today that holiday quarter revenue was $860.9 million on a GAAP basis, down 7.5% from a year ago.

Galahad 3093 is the new mech shooter from developer Simutronics, which is using its deep experience to build the best game possible.

Derrick Ashong On CreatingDerrick N. Ashong, founder and host of “The Mic: Africa,” discusses his music competition powered by an online community of fans who are simultaneously earning mobile data.

We put Shepard’s stalwart crew into one of the five rankings: Mass Effect, Good Effect, Decent Effect, Little Effect, and No Effect.

The graph database is popular with social networks, but there’s no reason to limit it to tracking people and their friendships.

Kong has raised $100 million in venture capital at a valuation of $1.4 billion for its platform that manages APIs and microservices.

No Labels Allowed: Can TheIn a divided U.S., No Labels’ CEO Nancy Jacobson and the Problem Solvers Caucus want politicians, leaders, and citizens alike to put party affiliation aside–even if just for a few minutes. Only… together can Americans truly solve our nation’s biggest problems.

Before Its Splashy Super BowlEven before it made a splash with its Super Bowl ads, soap startup Dr. Squatch had built a $100 million business thanks to viral YouTube videos.

Microsoft’s machine learning-powered Spell100 system handles spell correction for over 100 languages on Bing.

Dotcom Bubble Survivor AstiaInvesting non-profit Astia has signed on Mastercard as an anchor investor for its as-yet unfinished new $100 million fund backing women entrepreneurs.

Varada open-sources Workload Analyzer for compatibility with PrestoDB and Trinio distributed SQL query engines advanced by rival consortiums. parent Automattic has acquired, an engagement analytics platform aimed at online publishers.

Change Management Is Key ToChange Management is the general term used to describe the approaches that businesses take when making both short and long-term organizational change, both of which are often necessary for businesses… that want to survive and be successful.

Researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a device that can print fully functional drones.

Former NEA Partner DaynaFormer NEA partner Dayna Grayson and ex-Uber exec Rachel Holt raise $140 million for new VC firm, Construct Capital, to invest in manufacturing, supply chain and transportation startups.

IBM revamped its storage portfolio as part of a larger effort to make it simpler to replictate and migrate data across hybrid clouds.

Authenticity And VulnerabilityWhat comes next after #MeToo? How will we heal from the divisions within the gender equality movement? Zainab Salbi – humanitarian, best-selling author, and TV Host – provides important clues about… the way forward.

Cocos has had great success with PC and mobile games with its 2D game engine. Now it is adding 3D to its open-source Cocos Creator 3.0.

Will Crypto Replace Gold AsIf you’re an entrepreneur, perhaps the worst thing you can do is sit on nothing but cash savings.

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all creative for all platforms. To perform, you need data. Learn more in this VB Live event.

Nine Smart Ways To UnifyTracking ROI with offline marketing efforts is a huge challenge, which is why connecting online and offline marketing strategies is so critical to ensuring a business is on the path to success.

With tax rates likely to rise, state income, property and sales taxes are big considerations for individuals and businesses in deciding where to locate and work.

Data reliability startup Monte Carlo has raised $25 million in venture capital, bringing its total raised to over $40 million.

We put Shepard’s stalwart crew into one of the five rankings: Mass Effect, Good Effect, Decent Effect, Little Effect, and No Effect.


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