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VC Investment Strategies: LeanWhile access to information is crucial for venture capital (VC) funds to make better decisions on their investments, we’ve entered an era in which the widespread availability of information has become… an impediment to finding alpha.

Smart Tools To Help You ChooseSome businesses have the ability to pivot and move online, but for many brick-and-mortar service-based businesses, storefronts are still king. Expanding to new locations can help a business grow,… bring in much-needed revenue and serve a larger audience.

Five Best E-Commerce CustomerExceeding what customers expect will depend on the e-commerce customer service practices that an organization adopts.

Interplay, a startup developing a virtual reality and simulation platform for workplace training, has raised $18 million.

Larian Studios is adding the druid to Baldur’s Gate III, its first new class since its early access launch.

Working Remotely? Eight TipsAdjusting to the new digital workplace is about more than changing up your environment.

IBM claims to have developed an AI accelerator chip for training and inferencing that beats other leading chips on benchmarks.

Why Startups Are LeavingTampa’s thoughtful growth, diverse community, and achievement-oriented vibes have already attracted top talent and major corporate relocations.

The franchising industry is poised to bounce back to pre-pandemic levels by year’s end if Covid-19 is controlled, according to an upcoming report.

SunSpear Games is creating Immortal, a new PC game that blends the real-time strategy and MOBA genres.

Epic Games widened its legal battle with Apple by filing an antitrust complaint against it in the European Union.

FPS Boost launches on Xbox Series X/S with the capability to double or even quadruple framerates in certain backward compatible games., a startup developing a platform that helps match businesses with R&D tax credits, has secured a $100 million loan.

Microsoft has announced that its open source, platform-agnostic Dapr project is now production ready, with v1.0 available on GitHub.

Alphabet’s Waymo says it has begun piloting a ride-hailing service for its employees in the San Francisco Bay Area.

How This Entrepreneur RunsMichael Peres took advantage of his ADHD to become a serial entrepreneur.

Locus Robotics, a startup developing warehouse automation technologies, has raised $150 million at a $1 billion post-money valuation.

The top 15 venture capital firms investing in games have more than $1.5 billion under management, according to a report by Games One.

Oribi, a no-code marketing analytics tool, has raised $15.5 million in a series B round of funding to take on Google Analytics.

Artie has raised $10 million as it pivots from virtual avatars to instant games that can use its cartoon-style characters., a platform that helps companies track their objectives and key results, has raised $50 million in a series C round of funding.

Recogni, a startup developing a perception system for autonomous vehicles, has raised $48.9 million in venture capital.

AirSlate, a startup developing automation solutions to backend processes problems, raised $50 million in debt financing.

Spectral, a platform that helps developers spot mistakes in their code, has emerged from stealth today with $6.2 million in seed funding.

Quantum Computing (QCI) makes its Qatalyst tool available to enable quantum applications to run on multiple platforms.

Interplay, a startup developing a virtual reality and simulation platform for workplace training, has raised $18 million.


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