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Smart-home device maker Wyze raises $110M as it plans to inject AI heavily into camera products

By Kurt Schlosser

Cover picture for the articleSmart-home device maker Wyze Labs has raised $110 million in new funding, GeekWire learned on Friday, boosting the Kirkland, Wash.-based company’s plans to improve its existing line of products and launch even more. Wyze has launched more than 30 products, including everything from security cameras to robot vacuums to thermostats,…


ElectronicsTrendHunter.com19hIntuitive Smart Home Controllers

The ‘Kano Sense’ universal smart home device has been conceptually designed by Sam Beaney as a solution for living spaces that would intuitively change how users partake in some of their most common daily activities. The miniature device features a discreet yet fashionable design that is intended to be positioned anywhere that’s desired in the home to monitor inhabitant behavior. The unit will then respond to actions accordingly like turning on the kettle when a mug is picked up, preheating the oven when cookware is taken out and more.

ElectronicsDigital Trends18hGovee Aura Smart Table Lamp review: Animated light show on your desk

Govee Aura Smart Table Lamp review: Animated light show on your desk. “The Govee Aura table lamp is a smart lamp that uses RGB colors to light up its 360-degree surface.”. Smart lighting is one of the easiest pieces of smart home tech that you can integrate into your home. It’s simple, rarely requires anything special, and it adds a certain flair to your home that no other smart home category can. Sure you can get your oven to talk to your phone, and that’s a nice trick to show off at parties. But lighting has a certain subtle charm that’s not quantifiable.

TechnologyAndroid Central21hHow to use Amazon Sidewalk to find your Tile tracker devices

Tile makes some of the best Bluetooth trackers, and using them in conjunction with Amazon’s Sidewalk network expands the number of other users that can help find your lost things. Setting everything up isn’t really intuitive, but it’s also not difficult. All you need is to have Sidewalk enabled in your Alexa app (this is done by default for most of us) and a Tile account, then you’re halfway there. We’ll show you how to connect Tile to Amazon sidewalk below.

Electronicshowtogeek.com17hHow to Make Your Amazon Echo Listen for Specific Sounds

Among its 100,000+ skills, Alexa includes a Sound Detection feature, which allows it to listen for specific sounds and respond with a routine or command. Today, we’ll show you how to set this feature up and put it to work. What Routines Can Alexa’s Sound Detection Feature Follow?. Alexa’s Sound…

ElectronicsArkansas Online6hTools & Toys: Versillo and Twinkly RGB LED Strings

What’s to love: A versatile neck pillow with extra support. What does it do: The Versillo is a travel pillow that’s made to be supportive and multi-functional when taking long trips by car or plane. The rectangular pillow’s middle portion pops up for extra pillow support, either at the back of the neck or for side support if one twists the pillow around. When not resting or sleeping, the Versillo can be used in the lap to prop up tablets or other electronic devices. A hand strap and snap keeps the Versillo in place while sleeping or one can use it to secure on the handle of luggage or a backpack strap. The handy pillow sells for $19.99. Visit for more information.

Technologythefastmode.com10hXiaomi Launches New Range of AIoT Products for Smarter Living

Xiaomi this week unveiled a range of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) products that enhance smart experiences for every facet of users’ lives. The brand-new lineups of products include Mi Router AX9000, Mi 2K Gaming Monitor, Mi Electric Scooter 3, Redmi Buds 3 Pro, and Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L. These products offer smarter ways to encourage users to be active outdoors, or enhance their lifestyle indoors, whether they are on their way to work, at the desk or fixing up a quick meal in the kitchen,said Xiaomi.

ElectronicsPosted byTechRadar4hWhat is Amazon Kids on Alexa, and how do I turn it on?

The best smart speakers can be a handy tool for children – from helping them with their homework to letting them chat to family and friends and even listen to their favorite music and audiobooks. The inbuilt voice assistants are great for education and keeping the kids amused, but there’s…

EconomyVentureBeat21hMoEngage raises $32.5M to inject customer engagement with AI

MoEngage, an AI customer engagement platform, today announced it has raised $32.5 million in a round led by Multiples Alternate Asset Management, with participation from Eight Roads Ventures, F-Prime Capital, and Matrix Partners. The San Francisco-based company says the new capital, which brings its total raised to over $72 million, will be used to support its global growth strategy and strengthen its AI and predictive capabilities.

Home & GardenRaleigh News & Observer1dAsk Angi: Planning for a smart home future

Smart tech advances fast. Every day it seems it gets less expensive and more user-friendly. Before you invest, think about your needs and goals, and consider these tips to make your home a little smarter and your life a little easier. Most smart tech can be smoothly integrated into an…

Technologywinbuzzer.com1dAmazon Alexa Automation Challenges Microsoft’s Concept of Productivity

Microsoft has mostly pulled out of the smart assistant market. The company’s Cortana still exists, barely, but is now confined to a behind the scenes role powering productivity on Windows. If Windows users want the whole smart-assistant experience, they tap into Amazon’s Alexa. Ironically, the company Microsoft has a deal with to provide virtual help on Windows is now challenging the very concept of the platform.

Electronicscepro.com1dGoogle Assistant Outsells Amazon Alexa as Smart Speaker Sales Slow Dramatically

“Hey Google” is getting the better of “Alexa” these days in the voice control smart speaker market, while “Siri” is surging. But overall, smart speaker sales shipments slowed in the U.S. during the second quarter (2Q21), with year-on-year (YoY) growth of just 16%, while quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) shipments declined by 27%, according to the latest Smart Speakers Market Tracker report from Omdia.

Electronicscnx-software.com1dAmazon Alexa certified ESP AFE leverages ESP32-S3 AI & DSP instructions

While most Amazon Alexa certified products are hardware designs, Amazon website also includes a Software Audio Front End (AFE) Dev Kits section that lists software algorithms that optimize audio detection in noisy environments, and the latest addition is Espressif’s Audio Front-End algorithms, or ESP AFE for shorts, that have recently been qualified for Amazon Alexa devices.

Electronicsimore.com1dHomeKit deal: Add Meross smart lamps to your home with as much as 32% off

Whether you’re a HomeKit veteran or you’re just getting started with smart home gear, you’ve likely come across a product or two from Meross. We’ve covered its products in detail here at iMore and happen to think the brand offers some of the best HomeKit accessories on the market, from smart garage door openers to smart plugs, lights, thermostats, and more.

ElectronicsPCWorld1dEmbrace the Smart Home Revolution with This Gorgeous Smart Lamp

Gadgeteers always want to stay on the cutting edge. Unfortunately, the cutting edge seems to always be changing and becoming harder to stay on top of. One thing that won’t be going anywhere, however, is smart home technology. We’ve come a long way since the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart…

Electronicsmakeuseof.com1dWhat Are the Buttons on Your Amazon Echo Speaker For?

Amazon Echo devices are great smart home tools that many of us use every day. Despite this, it’s not necessarily clear to everyone what the buttons on your particular Echo device do. This short guide should get you clued up on the uses behind all of those different buttons, no…


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