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Slippage-robust Gaze Tracking for Near-eye Display. (arXiv:2210.11637v1 [cs.CV])


Oct. 24, 2022, 1:15 a.m. | Wei Zhang, Jiaxi Cao, Xiang Wang, Enqi Tian, Bin Li

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In recent years, head-mounted near-eye display devices have become the key
hardware foundation for virtual reality and augmented reality. Thus
head-mounted gaze tracking technology has received attention as an essential
part of human-computer interaction. However, unavoidable slippage of
head-mounted devices (HMD) often results higher gaze tracking errors and
hinders the practical usage of HMD. To tackle this problem, we propose a
slippage-robust gaze tracking for near-eye display method based on the aspheric
eyeball model and accurately compute the eyeball optical …

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