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Schneider Electric discusses Smart Sustainable Homes at CES 2021 – AmericaJR

Schneider Electric unveiled three new innovations as part of their Smart Home Ecosystem at CES. (Photo: Schneider Electric)

On Monday, Jan. 11, Schneider Electric held its press conference at the first-ever digital CES 2021. The title was “Smart Sustainable Homes” and the company posed answers to the question: Our homes are smart, but are they intelligent enough to help us make more impactful energy choices?

“I am very excited to be with you as we kick off the new year with renewed hope and energy and passion for making the world much more sustainable,” said Manish Pant, CEO of the Home and Distribution Business at Schneider Electric. “We help maximize energy needs to save money on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions. It’s 2021 and the idea of smart home is nothing new. We’ve been using technology to automate lighting, heating, security, entertainment and even your washing machine for years now. The result–our smart homes are actually rooms filled with gadgets. Our vision for the home of the tomorrow is that it’s not only smart but it’s smart and sustainable. At Schneider Electric, we are leading that transformation. We keep one out of five homes safe from electrical hazards.”

Schneider Electric believes now is the time to make changes especially with rising temperatures due to global warming. “Quite simply, we’ve got to do better,” he explained. The CEO also pointed out that wildfires, hurricanes and tornadoes are getting stronger year over year. He said that we are using 20-30 percent more energy due to the fact that people are spending more time at home to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pant said we are facing four challenges related to home electricity: preparing homes to become more sustainable, resilience with extreme climate patterns and safety, improve efficiency to meet increased consumption and personalized, modular spaces to accommodate our homes’ new roles.

The company introduced three new innovations as part of their Smart Home Ecosystem at CES:

  • Square D Energy Center combines the functionality of a solar inverter, energy monitoring, electrical protection with all of it combined within an electrical panel. It provides control over energy storage and usage, maintains power during outages and saves space in the garage.
  • Square D X & XD Range Series connected light switches and sockets will track energy usage right at the switch level. Consumers can see which switches and sockets are using the most energy on their smartphone app. It comes with customizable plate covers that can be changed in seconds.
  • Acti9 Active product is a device for international markets that offers advanced protection of your home from electrical faults, actively avoids faults and power disruption with pre-alarms and is integrated into the Wiser Ecosystem smartphone app.
  • “As the migration for electrical car continues, electrical consumption will increase by up to 40 percent because of this alone,” Pant said. “Thankfully, there are huge opportunities in efficiency in order to limit this increase.”

    Schneider Electric is a France-based company providing energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. It works with homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries, by combining energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services.

    “Square D keeps 40 percent of homes safe in the U.S. from electrical hazards, ” said Richard Korthauer, Vice President of the Home and Distribution Business at Schneider Electric. “We give them a level of insight that allows them to take control of their homes, their carbon footprint and their wallet. I’m please to introduce the Square D Energy Center which we believe is the most impactful innovation available for the home today.”

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    Schneider Electric pays homage to Las Vegas during its digital presentation during CES 2021. (Photo: Schneider Electric)Manish Pant, CEO of the Home and Distribution Business at Schneider ElectricRichard Korthauer, Vice President of the Home and Distribution Business at Schneider Electric


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