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SBI’s online courses on Banking, MSME Lending, Electronic Payment and more — Check duration, fees and other details here

New Delhi: The State Bank of India (SBI) has announced partnership with NSE Academy to launch five online courses that promotes financial literacy as a necessary life skill.

The following five courses will be offered with an aim to provide an understanding of different aspects of banking-to-banking professionals, students and other learners

1) “Banking Fundamentals” provides basic banking knowledge.

2) “MSME Lending in a Nutshell” is designed especially for SME entrepreneurs, Banking professionals, and will also be of interest to students.

3) “Electronic Payment System in India” offers basic information on electronic and digital payment systems.

4) The course “Priority Sector Lending Norms” provides insights into the significance of Priority sector lending and guidelines

5) The course “NRI Business & Compliance” empowers learners with knowledge of rules and regulations governing NRI Business and compliance.

Here is the fee structure of all the five courses offered by SBI and NSE Academy :

Banking Fundamentals Module

Price: Rs 6000+ GST Rs. 1080

Total- Rs 7080

Priority sector lending norms

Price: Rs 6000 + GST Rs 1080

Total- Rs 7080

MSME Lending in a nutshell

Price: Rs 7000 + GST Rs 1260

Total- Rs 8260

SBI: Electronic Payment System in India

Price: Rs 5000 + GST Rs 900

Total- Rs 5900

SBI NRI Business and Compliance

Price: Rs 7500+ GST Rs 1350

Total- Rs 8850

Enrollment for the courses are now open. The course duration ranges from 3-6 weeks, and learners are expected to spend 2-3 hours each week on the course.

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