Samsung gearing up for robotics, the metaverse

Samsung Electronics is looking to develop its new businesses associated with the development of its robotics products, and solutions for the metaverse, according to the South Korean vendor.

Speaking at its recent shareholder’s meeting, Samsung said the company is exploring its future growth drivers, which can be identified in new technologies including robotics and the metaverse.

Samsung will be stepping up its deployment in the fast-growing field of robotics and also exploring new business opportunities in the metaverse for its future growth, according to JH Han, company CEO of Device Experience. Samsung will also consider M&A deals to accelerate the development of its new businesses, Han continued.

At the MWC 2022 earlier this year, Han already disclosed Samsung is working to launch its metaverse-related devices and solutions.

Samsung has also formed a team dedicated to its robotics development, and has scaled up the team to about 130 engineers, according to the company.


Donovan Larsen

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