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Hello and welcome to Rockland St Mary Primary School’s website. My name is Mrs Norris and I am the very proud Head Teacher of this wonderful school.

Rockland St Mary Primary is a small, friendly, and welcoming school with a nurturing environment where the children’s needs are at the forefront of everything we do.

It is our belief that every child is an important member of our community and that they have the right to be listened to, to have their own views respected and they are, therefore, entitled to an education which is exciting, purposeful and engaging.

At Rockland St Mary Primary, we teach the children through an inquiry based approach where the children are immersed in learning opportunities that are based around a theme, so that learning develops in a way that is meaningful and purposeful to them.

We aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced, allowing the children to explore learning in many different forms and develop their knowledge and understanding in a way that is beneficial to their learning now, but also for their futures throughout and beyond.

Our vision is to encourage and support our pupils to enjoy their childhoods and reach their full potential, as confident, inquisitive and successful learners and as fully rounded individuals.

Our small, caring communities and our inspiring environment, within the South Norfolk Broads. makes a huge impact on our children’s development and our essential values. All members of our close-knit school community work in a positive

Respect; Resilience: Resourcefulness and Reach

Our learning environment is supportive and purposeful – but also stimulating, challenging and engaging with a clear focus on promoting positive behaviour and our principles for learning.

Children enjoy consistently high quality teaching through the broad, balanced and rich range of learning experiences and opportunities we provide both inside and outside the classroom, and particularly drawing inspiration from our Broads village environment.

Please visit our school and see for yourself what makes Rockland St Mary Primary so special.

School policies:

Source: https://rocklands.rocklandsurlingham.org.uk/

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