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Reps from 100 Smart Cities to congregate at ‘Smart Cities, Smart Urbanization’ meet in Surat on18-20 April’22

Over 100 Smart Cities will be represented in the “Smart Cities, Smart Urbanization” Conference being held from 18-20 April 2022 in Surat. The event, organized by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), is a part of the 75-week countdown to the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence in August 2022. Activities such as the ‘whole of government’ approach, people’s participation, rich cultural heritage, innovations and future aspirations commemorating the 75th year of independence will be displayed during the event.

The Conference will highlight some of the important initiatives being implemented in 100 Smart Cities across the country. The event will showcase various interactive activities, planned interactions with eminent speakers and learnings across the 5 themes for over 1000+ participants. The five sub-themes are Reimagining Public Spaces, Digital Governance, ClimateSmart Cities, Innovation and Smart Finance.

Several key initiatives will be launched during the event. These include Urban Outcomes Framework 2022 including, ‘Ease of Living’, ‘Municipal Performance Index’, ‘Data Maturity Assessment Framework 3.0 and ClimateSmart Cities Assessment Framework 3.0. Ministry’s integrated data portal AMPLIFI. In addition, a comprehensive dashboard on Outcome Output Management Framework (OOMF dashboard in GMIS) with more than 7800 projects being measured for their contributions to urban life and Sustainable Development Goals, will also be released during the event.

A significant attraction at the event will be placemaking at the venue, which will replicate a model neighbourhood that cities can aspire for. Key learning from this model includes how a neighbourhood should be designed so as to be built more safely, is walkable and healthy, for all stakeholders including the elderly, children and their caregivers. In addition, several start-ups will showcase their innovative products at the venue.

Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is a transformational Mission aimed to bring about a paradigm shift in the practice of urban development in the country. Of the total proposed projects under SCM, 7,905 projects worth ₹1,93,143 crore (94% by value) have been tendered so far, work orders have been issued for 7,692 projects worth around ₹1,80,508 crore (88% by value). 3,830 projects worth ₹60,919 crore (33% by value) have also been fully completed and are operational (10 April 2022). Of the total investment of ₹2,05,018 crore under the Smart Cities Mission, projects worth ₹93,552 crore was proposed to be developed by Center and State funds. To date, almost 100% of these projects i.e projects worth ₹92,300 crore have been work ordered. To date, 80 Smart cities have developed and operationalised their Integrated Command and Control Centres (ICCCs) in the country.


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