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Reporter’s notebook: Experiencing Auschwitz in virtual reality

By Lauren Rosenblatt

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

21 hours ago

Cover picture for the articleFritzie Fritzshall is standing in a dark hallway, surrounded by what appear to be white picture frames, hanging empty on a black backdrop. As the frames start to fill with images, Ms. Fritzshall tells us she had promised to tell her story, and those of so many other people who had


Shropshire Star

Big picture, big data: Swiss unveil virtual reality software of universe

The Virup programme creates three-dimensional, panoramic visualisations of space. The final frontier has rarely seemed closer than this – at least virtually. Researchers at one of Switzerland’s top universities are releasing open-source beta software on Tuesday that allows for virtual visits through the cosmos, including up to the International Space Station, past the moon, Saturn or exoplanets, over galaxies and well beyond.

Seattle Times

One man’s endless hunt for a dopamine rush in virtual reality

On a recent Thursday evening at the City Life Community Center in Missoula, Montana, Wolf Heffelfinger played laser tag. Wearing a pair of heavy goggles, he bobbed across the gymnasium, firing faux laser guns with both hands. It was not all that different from any other game of laser tag — except he was playing in virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Content Creation

Virtual reality content creation (VR) is an application used for augmented reality, a form of digital reality in which information from the real world is mixed with or overlaid on computer-generated imagery in order to give an entirely new experience. Virtual reality content creation applications can be used for anything from teaching, learning, entertainment, business purposes, gaming, transportation, business operations, communication, and more. Applications are available for a wide variety of uses. With virtual reality content creation, the creation process is much more involved. Basically, the user is placed into a completely immersive environment, and there is a clear understanding of where everything is located.


Sonoma Index Tribune

Disney, virtual reality, Airbnb — Bruce Vaughn brings an ‘Experience’

Bruce Vaughn has been immersing people’s imaginations his entire career, from the deep space of “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier,” to Disney World’s heart-stopping Indiana Jones ride, to the virtual reality playground known as Dreamscape. But as he settles into his fifth week as the new leader of Airbnb’s Experiential Creative Product team, he’s leaving the fantasy world with sights set firmly on the real world — the more authentic, the better.

Technician Online

Technician Tries: Virtual Reality

Join Technician editors as we try playing video games in virtual reality!. Video by William Harrell. Facebook: Instagram:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Schell Games is betting virtual reality will soon be ‘mainstream’

Nearly 20 years in, Pittsburgh game development company Schell Games is hiring its first chief technology officer, hinting at plans to expand its virtual reality gaming universe. The company has always been about tech, CEO Jesse Schell said, but the new hire could help bring its virtual reality experiences to…


Virtual reality available but underused in library

Virtual reality was introduced to the library in the past few years but is still struggling to gain traction. Kevin McDonough, professor, and reference and electronic services librarian at the Lydia M. Olson Library, describes virtual reality as a technology that is not very familiar but holds great potential for learning.

Nova VR glove with immersive virtual reality feedback start shipping

Virtual reality gamers and developers looking for more immersion in VR environments may be interested to know that the new Nova VR glove created by the engineers at SenseGlove is now shipping and available to preorder directly from the official company website. Using force feedback gloves provide unique immersion by restricting the movement of your fingers in response to virtual objects or surfaces. Most VR gloves currently on the market can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the new Nova VR gloves are available from $5,000 for a single pair with bulk orders available bring the price down to $3,500.

Business Insider

Facebook is working on AI tech that will monitor your every move

Facebook envisions a future where smartglasses “become as useful in everyday life as smartphones,” the company said in a new blog post. In order to achieve that future, such devices will require powerful AI software that can read and respond to the world around the headset’s user. And the only way to train AI to see and hear the world like humans do is for it to experience the world like we do: from a first-person perspective.


Explore the most detailed 3D map of the universe with virtual reality

You’re floating in space, just above the Earth. The International Space Station is an arm’s length away. You twist your head around only to see the moon, a tiny circle, far off in the distance. You can’t help but think that this is probably what an astronaut would see during a space-walk.

Facebook wants AI to find your keys and understand your conversations

Facebook has announced a research project that aims to push the “frontier of first-person perception”, and in the process help you remember where your left your keys. The Ego4D project provides a huge collection of first-person video and related data, plus a set of challenges for researchers to teach computers to understand the data and gather useful information from it.In September, the social media giant launched a line of “smart glasses” called Ray-Ban Stories, which carry a digital camera and other features. Much like the Google Glass project, which met mixed reviews in 2013, this one has prompted complaints of…


HTC announces the Vive Flow Virtual Reality headset

HTC has announced a new VR headset in the Vive family. The Vive Flow is a semi-standalone headset designed for video. HTC’s new headset is finally here, but it isn’t designed for gaming. Instead, the Vive Flow is a lightweight headset that doesn’t require a head strap for comfort. Instead, it functions more like a pair of glasses. Upload VR got hands-on with the device and found it to be more comfortable than other headsets.

Facebook Plans To Rebrand Itself With New Name As Early As This Month: Report

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) is planning a rebrand, which could be announced as early as Oct. 28, The Verge reported Tuesday. What Happened: The company’s new name would be centered around its focus on building the metaverse, people familiar with the matter told the Verge. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is…


View Labs combines its virtual reality tech with NavigatorCRE’s platform

View Labs, a provider of video and virtual reality services, has partnered with NavigatorCRE, a commercial real estate business intelligence platform, to give clients access to technology such as virtual reality views of their properties. The companies said their combined technologies will provide commercial real estate owners and operators easily…

Seattle TimesOne man’s endless hunt for a dopamine rush in virtual realityOn a recent Thursday evening at the City Life Community Center in Missoula, Montana, Wolf Heffelfinger played laser tag. Wearing a pair of heavy goggles, he bobbed across the gymnasium, firing faux laser guns with both hands. It was not all that different from any other game of laser tag — except he was playing in virtual reality.


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