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Precise, safe and reliable:

Precise, safe and reliable:

Bosch Genuine Replacement parts

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and highest quality materials for maximum durability

Bosch original replacement parts are developed and manufactured together with your power tool. They fulfill the same criteria and pass the same tests as parts used in production. These criteria and tests ensure tolerances as well as critical performance characteristics match. Compatibility of the replacement parts to the power tool is assured.

The same precision methods and processes that helped the power tool performing to peak potential ensure that each part fits precisely and brings the power tool’s performance back to as-new condition. Bosch parts continue to be available even after the end o production, so the tool can be kept operational for many years to come

Connect high performance and precise fit with unparalleled availability and delivery from Bosch parts warehouses. You can be sure that the right Bosch original spare part will put you back on the job as fast as possible.”

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Original Armature

Correct insulation

La mejor protección gracias a un aislamiento limpio y completo

Perfect balance

Menos vibraciones y larga vida útil debido al balance optimizado usando procesos de fábrica.

Precise windling

High Overall stability and lifetime due to precise automated armature winding and cleanly guide protective bands.

High-quality commutator

Maximum power yield and longer brush life due to optimized commutator.

Safe cut-out

Additional protection when the wear limit is reached before grater damage can occur.

Perfect carbon pressing & optimized composition

For reduce abrasion and extended lifetime.

Surface grooves

For quick “run-in” of brushes and reduced spark formation.

Contoured surface edges

Easy insertion, a perfect fit and maximum contact hanks to optimized shape of the edges.


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Correct insulation


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