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RBC lays out its top digital health stock picks

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Today in healthcare news: RBC’s top digital health picks for 2021, the 26 healthcare and biotech unicorns to keep an eye on, and one reporter’s account of how she was offered a COVID-19 vaccine even though she’s young and healthy.

Telemedicine Digital Health Virtual Doctor Visit

A doctor speaks to a nurse through a video platform in 2015. The pandemic has forced wider adoption of digital health solutions, driving industry growth in 2020 that is likely to continue in 2021. Toby Talbot/AP File RBC shared its top 6 digital health picks for 2021 as Wall Street anticipates accelerated growth for the industry

Read the full story by Patricia Kelly Yeo here>>


The Tempus lab. Tempus The 26 billion-dollar startups to watch that are revolutionizing healthcare in 2021

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Coronavirus vaccine

Pharmacies are finding themselves with leftover coronavirus vaccines, meaning some people can score a shot early with the right planning. Jessica Hill/AP Photo I was offered a covid vaccine even though I’m young and healthy. Here’s how I did it.

Read the full story from Kimberly Leonard here>>

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