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Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence: More Negatives or Positives?

We all have seen science-fiction movies and have seen machines and robots do things starting from destroying cities, making their clones, and planning to finish the entire human race. Well, all this is not possible for now, but recent advances in artificial intelligence predict that all this is possible in the future.

Nowadays, we’re using smart cars, personal assistants, Google maps, and many other technologies which are applications of artificial intelligence. These innovations have not only made our lives simpler, but much smoother and more error-free. We are enjoying this. But, with all this advancement comes many risks of artificial intelligence which are unknown to many.

So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?artificial intelligence

Before knowing the pros and cons of artificial intelligence, we should first know what artificial intelligence exactly is. The ability to make machines think, behave, and perceive just like human beings is Artificial Intelligence. Machines that are developed using Artificial Intelligence can perform tasks more efficiently than human beings.

However, before opting for artificial intelligence, people should also consider the various artificial intelligence negative impacts on our daily life.

Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons:

There are many fields where implementing artificial intelligence can be of great use. So before we take a look at various artificial intelligence negative impacts, let’s have a look at some of the pros of AI Systems!

Artificial Intelligence: Merits

  • Error-free

Artificial Intelligence operates by taking into account previous data with different algorithms which ensures solving problems in an error-free manner.

Have you ever thought about just how complex equations are validated before being deployed in space organizations?

A minor error in these equations can make a dramatic impact which may lead to a huge failure or destruction. Therefore, no trace of error can be accepted in these fields.

  • Performing tasks efficiently

pros of AI Systems

Performing tasks that are nearly impossible for human beings can be easily performed by robots using artificial intelligence.

Let’s take an example of an environmental disaster where thousands of people have died, lakhs of people are injured, and are stuck in places from where the evacuation process is almost impossible as people cannot reach there. In these difficult situations, Artificial Intelligence Robots can be the only source as they are efficient, much stronger, and are prone to any environmental conditions.

One of the successfully developed AI Robots is Sophia.

Sophia, an AI Robot has a human-like appearance and is a pristine application of engineering based on deep learning which can interact in real-time with humans.

  • Repetitious Work

Tasks such as packing of goods in warehouses, loading of materials into trucks which are to be done repeatedly can be executed by machines much more efficiently.

Using artificial intelligence, we can create machines that will perform these repetitive tasks automatically, so that people can spend more on innovation and development.

  • Chatbots

Chatbots is an implementation of artificial intelligence that is used by many major organizations as a part of the customer care service branch. You also might have seen digital assistants on many websites taking information about the user and sometimes solving the inquiries of the user.

  • Faster

artificial intelligence positive impacts

Have you ever played digital chess on a computer and wonder how the computer takes the best possible steps in such a short period. All this is possible only because of thousands of algorithms that are working simultaneously to achieve the target which is winning the game.

Another good example will be Elon Musk’s system, OpenAI defeating professional DOTA2 players.

  • Tireless

Machines don’t need to recover, unlike humans. They will work on an ongoing basis without getting exhausted effectively and reliably. Thus, the use of optimized AI machines will also contribute to plenty of benefits.

  • Education

Artificial Intelligence in education can make a huge difference in the growth of the current education system. Smart Boards can be of great use as they help in visualizing diagrams in a much better way. Also, students enjoy it when creative techniques are used while teaching.

AI can be used in recording the progress and growth of a student. If programmed properly, it can also provide study materials and video content based on a student’s interest.

  • Mobile Assistants

    mobile assistants

We are using mobile assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortona daily. It helps us with everything, starting from scheduling reminders or calling someone to get answers to any question being asked on any topic.

Artificial Intelligence: Demerits

  • Expensive

As concepts evolve at all stages, we also need to keep up-to-date with the new specifications. Also, these machines require proper maintenance which ends up costing a lot.

  • Removing Human Interference at Work

All of us know that AI Robots are capable of performing tasks more efficiently which is why it is always profitable for big organizations to use machines, which might lead to removing manpower which ultimately leads to unemployment.

  • Cannot Think

Most machines that use artificial intelligence do not have their intelligence. They execute activities based on how they are configured. But not always a situation remains the same. Sometimes a different approach could be required to achieve a target which a machine without intelligence won’t understand. Human intervention is required at this stage.

News on Artificial Intelligence

risks of artificial intelligenceAs vision loss is one of the biggest human threats, scientists are trying to use artificial intelligence to solve this condition. Not only has this, using artificial intelligence in healthcare always been a priority.

MYCIN, an AI-based system was developed by Stanford University around the 1970s. The system was programmed to prescribe antibiotics based on the given knowledge base. It is said that its performance was much more accurate than medical specialists.

In a nutshell, artificial intelligence is the future of machines, overcoming every possible task which otherwise is not possible for a human being. Also considering both pros and cons of artificial intelligence, it is our decision how we will use it for maximum output and overall growth.

However, before opting for artificial intelligence, people should also consider the various artificial intelligence negative impacts on our daily life.


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