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PitchBook Desktop


Our award-winning software gives you access to our data and the analytical tools you need to get answers fast, discover promising opportunities and more.

Each feature of PitchBook Desktop is designed to help you work smarter:

  • Advanced search
  • Discovery & insights
  • Company profiles
  • Workflow & efficiency
  • PitchBook Mobile

    PitchBook Mobile

    Get the information you need about companies, funds or investors—wherever you are.

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  • PitchBook Exel Plugin

    Excel Plugin

    Access our data directly within Excel to create and update financial models quickly.

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  • PitchBook Direct Data

    Direct Data

    Integrate our data with your existing systems through an á la carte solution (API) or pre-defined supply of data points (data feed).

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  • PitchBook CRM Integration

    CRM Integration

    Bring our data into your CRM to create new leads and enhance your existing accounts.

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  • PitchBook Chrome Extension

    Chrome Extension

    Access our data directly from your browser while you’re visiting a website, reading the news or researching online.

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  • Pitchbook Institutional Research Group

    Pitchbook Institutional Research Group

    Get timely, institutional-grade private market research that delivers expert analysis built on an investor-first approach.

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What our clients say

Skill capital Logo

Joshua Games, Principal, Head of Entrepreneurs Group

“​PitchBook gives us up-to-date insight on major deals, hot growth sectors and key individuals in our target industries, helping us assist executives across Europe and North America navigate the world of private capital and realise their deal ambitions.”

Numis Securities Logo

George Mennem, Venture Broking Data Analyst

“We source both companies and deals and without PitchBook we couldn’t operate at a tenth of our current capacity.”

—George Mennem, Venture Broking Data Analyst, Numis Securities

Bpi France Logo

Jean Bertin, Investment Principal

“PitchBook is essential when it comes to deal sourcing, due diligence and market analysis. It helps us to identify the right targets and coinvestors globally and makes our investment process more efficient.”

—Jean Bertin, Investment Principal, Bpi France

Endeavour Vision Logo

Alexander Schmitz, Senior Investment Director

“PitchBook provides a wealth of competitor and financial information in a single, easy-to-use, platform.”

—Alexander Schmitz, Senior Investment Director, Endeavour Vision

Lufthansa Innovation Hub Logo

Lennart Dobravsky, Trend & Market Research Analysti

“PitchBook is our go-to-source for private company information, especially VC funding data. The level of granularity and accuracy is second to none.​”

—Lennart Dobravsky, Trend & Market Research Analysti, Lufthansa Innovation Hub

Henkel Logo

Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing

“PitchBook not only helps us to have a worldwide view of the market, it also equips us with the foremost analytical and workflow tools which make us more efficient.”

—Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate Venturing, Henkel

Seedrs Logo

Ben Aronsten, CMO

“With PitchBook’s comprehensive company, deal, and investor insights, we are able to disover new opportunies and support our business development strategies.”

—Ben Aronsten, CMO, Seedrs

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Each feature of PitchBook Desktop is designed to help you work smarter:


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