Product Reviews

Product Reviews

It’s been more than five months since we reviewed a product from East St. Louis cultivator Progressive Treatment Solutions. In that time, PTS has introduced some new strains to the genetic library and elevated the production of some of its Continue reading →

I’ve always enjoyed prerolls, but I never really fell in love with the category until I was introduced to the infused version of the simple joint. The heavy hitting high of a well-executed infused preroll is a special experience. Ozone Continue reading →

As it becomes easier to find fruity, doughy, and candied flavors on dispensary menus, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find skunky, cheesy, or “chemy” strains. When I see a new option promising these vintage flavors, I’m instantly intrigued. That was Continue reading →

By TammiTokes I love anything with Blueberries in it: coffee, desserts, bagels, muffins, yogurt—you get the idea. So when I saw Blueberry Cupcake by the Justice Cannabis Co. brand, Crops, on the menu at Windy City Cannabis in Posen, I Continue reading →

In our last “First Look” review for the new Legacy products launching now in Illinois, we take a look at Legacy’s Cotton Candy Gummies picked up from nuEra Champaign. Other Legacy reviews included XXX flower, Orange Velvet Underground Preroll, Orange Continue reading →

I’ve often joked that smoking the concentrate of a strain before smoking the flower is equivalent to watching the movie before reading the book. Either way, I enjoy comparing and contrasting the differences. After reviewing the Orange Velvet Underground RBX Continue reading →

In a few of my last reviews, I spoke about my favorite products to review and preferences for my personal medical needs. Now, it’s time to mention my least favorite form of consumption: vapes. However, vapes and disposable pens are Continue reading →

As mentioned in my last review, the amount of rosin infused edibles on dispensary menus in the Prairie State is growing. Instead of dropping a single flavor, Revolution Cannabis has dropped an entire line of single-strain rosin infused gummies. I Continue reading →

Sometimes things just work out. I knew I’d be reviewing this Orange Velvet Underground RBX Live Resin by Legacy, but weeks ago, on the same day, both my smoking devices for concentrates stopped working. My procrastination for purchasing a new Continue reading →

I’ve always been interested in what consumers consider the most important aspect of flower if percentages had to be assigned to the following categories: aroma, flavor, effects, and bag appeal. Mine is somewhere around: 60% effects, 25% flavor, 10% aroma, Continue reading →


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