Pragati Mehra On Digitisation Becoming The Norm In Showbiz

Mumbai, Feb 19 : With the onset of OTT, the entertainment industry is going through a revolutionary phase.Actress Pragati Mehra, who is known for shows such as ‘Sunaina’, ‘Manshaa’ and ‘Uttaran’, feels the process of digitisation had started much before in the industry.

“This change has been happening for a while now, maybe it’s more noticeable now.Whether we like it or not, digital is the new norm.In the coming years, we all will be consuming content on personal devices in our personal time.Family viewing though will still be around.

Adapting to new things is the best way forward! Change is the only constant so I am good with it,” she says.

It has been pointed out that multiple mediums are co-existing and audiences have too many options to choose from.The reason why viewership is getting scattered.

“Audience started enjoying too many options from the time multiple channels came into existence.DoorDarshan being the only option was some 30 years ago if not more and when options will be many, attention (read viewership) will be scattered.It’s the survival of the fittest, in this case survival of the most entertaining,” she adds.

The pace of working is very fast in all industries including entertainment and that is somewhere causing the unsaid mental fatigue.However, Pragati disagrees.

“Fast pace doesn’t cause mental fatigue, that is actually caused by stagnation.Fast-paced and the need to meet deadlines and long hours day in and day out does cause physical fatigue some time or the other for all.But as actors we aren’t employed/busy 24/7, there are months, at times years, when we do not work out of choice or because of lack of it, so when we do take up a show mentally we are prepared for a rigorous physical schedule.””Having said that, at times it’s beyond one’s mental capability to deal with it and the body demands a break.As of now I am not facing any such issue besides when I tested positive for Covid and had to take a break, rest well during my quarantine period to feel better,” she says.Amid the ongoing scenario, there is no personal time left.Professional life is more time consuming than what it was before.”No, I do not subscribe to this popular opinion.There is enough and more time to do what you really want to do, for everything else there are excuses,” she ends.

“Fast pace isn’t the cause of mental fatigue, it’s in fact due to stagnation.It’s a fast-paced environment and the need to meet deadlines and work long hours of working day in and out do result in physical fatigue at times or all.However, as actors, we’re not working 24/7, and there are periods or even years that we don’t perform in the absence of preference or out of the absence of it therefore, when we do have to perform an act mentally, we’re ready for a demanding physical schedule.””Having admittedly, there are times, it’s beyond the mental capacity to cope with it, and the body needs an interruption.As of the moment, I’m not experiencing any issues apart from the time I was found myself positive for Covid and was forced to stop for a while and rest up during my quarantine time to recover,” she says.

Amid the ever-changing situation, there’s no time for personal leisure.The professional life is becoming more demanding than it was before.”No I don’t agree with this common opinion.There is plenty of time for doing what you truly want to do, because for every other thing, there are excuses.” she ends.


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