Personal Finance: Resolve to take control of your finances in the New Year

By Bronwyn L. Martin

Cover picture for the articleMany of us take advantage of a new year to turn over a new leaf. This can include everything from starting a new exercise regimen to committing to cooking more at home. It’s also a prime time to assess your current financial situation and take concrete steps to improve…



How to get COVID financial relief when filing your taxes

COVID-19’s impact on 2020 was immense. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives, and many more felt the grief from those losses. Although there were improvements in 2021, many individuals still faced economic challenges that began in 2020. Most Americans, however, received two stimulus payments in 2020 to help out (and those were thankfully tax free). There was a third in 2021 of up to $1,400. And then there was the Advanced Child Tax Credit for eligible parents. The IRS sent advance payments from July to December of up to $300 per child.


Improve your finances

We all want to improve our lives in the new year, and for a lot of people that includes their finances. Lifestyle reporter Britt Waters sits down with an expert from Tally, to learn easy tips for getting out of debt faster!

Take Responsibility of your Finances and get on a road toward Financial Freedom

I have been living debt free for a decade now. It took a lot of focus and discipline to get there but there is security in feeling like you can handle whatever life brings. Financial freedom allows me to take care of myself, my dependents and more importantly, it gives me a buffer for the unplanned. Should I lose my job, experience a significant illness or had some type of catastrophic expense occur, it will not devastate me.


Banking moves to fortify your finances

Now is a great time to take a fresh look at your banking habits and see what you can do to help reach your financial goals. Here are facts to know and actions you can take to boost your finances in the new year. Emergency fund still a top priority.

Nordigen partners with personal finance management app Bilance

Latvia-based Open Banking platform Nordigen has entered a partnership with personal finance management app Bilance to monitor incoming transactions. Bilance is a personal finance management app that tracks personal bank account transactions and provides detailed summaries, allowing users to take complete control over their finances. Bilance allows its clients to both combine digital tracking and manually add any cash income and expenses. Additionally, they track multiple accounts at the same time and create monthly budgets. It is connected to all the major banks and finance platforms in the Baltics.

CBS 58

‘Flex your finances’ with these tips from a finance professional

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Make more money and go to the gym more are common New Year’s resolutions. Interestingly, getting financially fit is a similar process to getting physically fit. Local financial professional, Tony Drake, from Drake and Associates joined CBS 58 on Wednesday, Jan. 12 with exercises to flex…

Protect Your Finances Using Real Estate -Road Maps Homeowners Are Taking Today

“A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” Successories. You just parked your car in the driveway, unpacked your suitcase and holiday presents and swept the last of New Year’s confetti out of the floorboard. Once inside the house, you flip on the news to get the latest financial headlines. Inflation, higher interest rates and increasing real estate values are the headlines. It’s time for another road trip—a financial road trip, using your real estate to protect your finances.

JOHN NINFO: Personal finance reminders for 2022

Before we finish up on Flat Taxes for 2022, and look at some personal finance reminders, there are a few things that got my attention this week. Of course, as I have often written, many times these things are old news by the time the column actually runs on Sundays.


Smart Money Advice From A Personal Finance Iconoclast

Laurence Kotlikoff, the provocative Boston University economics professor and Social Security expert, has written an excellent new book, “Money Magic: An Economist’s Secrets to More Money, Less Risk, and a Better Life.” In it, he offers counterintuitive and surprising personal finance tips regardless of your age. You’ll want to hear…


Personal finance tips for 2022

The new year is a great time to get your financial house in order because. For a lot of us, it is partly psychological because you think about the new year meaning a fresh start and doing things differently.


Donovan Larsen

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