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Passei Direto: how to use the online study application?

Passei Direto is an online study platform for students from elementary to higher education that can be accessed directly through the web browser or through applications for Android and iOS mobile devices. The service offers a free modality with limited access to the platform’s contents and resources and a monthly or annual subscription version, which, in turn, brings more options for accessing the platform’s content and exclusive materials.

The service works as a collaborative tool so that, when sharing their school materials, teachers and students on the platform can interact by answering questions and commenting on the proposed topics. In addition to a lot of didactic material, Passei Direto also offers a large amount of video lessons on the most varied topics to help those who are in homeschooling, as well as students who are preparing for selection processes and public contests.

Creating the service account

Passei Direto allows you to register on the platform by linking your Facebook account, linking your Google account (Gmail, Android) or through an email. Even at the beginning of registration, the platform will request some information such as the purpose of your studies, such as: Elementary School, High School (Enem and Vestibular), Graduation, Post-Graduation, General Studies and Public Competition.

Then, you can select between student or teacher profile, adding which institution you represent. In the institution field, it is possible to automatically fill in the data according to the platform’s database, which also displays the number of users from each institution.

After adding the data, the platform will ask you to indicate which materials correspond to your interest, and then recommend the content according to your demand.

Using the platform

Already logged in to your profile, the app will display on the home screen some texts that correspond to what you indicated as your interests. At the bottom of the app, we have access to four tabs, which are:

  • Materials: lists articles, exercises and discussions related to the topics you have indicated as of interest;
  • Questions: presents questions related to the themes, with answers from teachers and users of the platform, with space for comments and evaluation of responses;
  • Subjects: is where the topics of interest you follow are listed. In the tab you can stop following a topic, as well as attach new ones or have access to related material;
  • Profile: in the profile tab you define your personal information, track downloaded materials (for premium accounts), change data from your educational institution and the like.

App Interface Passei Direto.App Interface Passei Direto.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

When accessing a material, you can mark it as a favorite, thus creating a list of relevant content for your studies. Users who subscribe to Passei Direto can also download items to access offline.

The service, in turn, offers two subscription options: in the monthly plan, in addition to the downloadable material, users have access to video lessons, summaries developed by specialists and unlimited access to the platform’s content for R $ 29.90 per month . You can still opt for the annual plan that gives access to the same resources for R $ 286.80 per year or 12 installments of 23.90.

Account setup menu and premium version purchase.Account setup menu and premium version purchase.Source: Reproduction / Fernando Sousa

Source: https://www.aroged.com/2020/12/14/passei-direto-how-to-use-the-online-study-application/

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