Overwatch player outsmarts opposition with cheeky Sigma ult

The term “C9” lives in Overwatch infamy. Named after Cloud9’s defeat against Afreeca Freecs in 2017, it designates occasions when a team wins the fight but forgets about the objective and ends up losing the map.

A few heroes can keep enemies away from the objective during key moments of a match and force their opponents into a C9. Sigma is one of the most reliable options since his ultimate covers a wide area and lifts enemies far off the ground. An Overwatch player used the hero’s ultimate to deny the opponents a chance to capture the payload—and scored a clever C9 victory for their team.

A Reddit clip shows a Sigma player and their team against the ropes, the overtime wick burning fast as the attackers looked to secure Eichenwalde’s first point. After respawning, many would switch to a more mobile hero to stall like Wrecking Ball, but this Sigma player had an ultimate ready and was prepared to clutch the game.

Sigma activated the Flux to float over the wall between the defenders’ spawn and the first point. The enemies were in for a shock, looking up to find an angry scientist drifting in from above. Sigma then placed the target precisely on the Payload, catching the opposing Reinhardt, Lucio, Pharah, and Wrecking Ball.

Lucio used his Sound Barrier to protect them from the impending damage, but it was in vain. With a flick of the wrist, Sigma whisked the enemies into the air just long enough for overtime to expire and score a the victory for their team.

Though using a Sigma ultimate to clear a point isn’t a particularly new technique, it is always as satisfying to pull off as it is heartbreaking to receive. From the peaks of Grandmaster and the Overwatch League to the valleys of bronze, no one is safe from the pain of a C9—especially when it comes at the hand of an enemy Sigma.


Donovan Larsen

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