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Opinion: How can 5G speed up and revolutionize VoIP usage, and why govt should promote it? – ET Government

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By Ankit Dudhwewala

5G technology ushers in a new era for broadband cellular networks, creating new opportunities for people, businesses, and society. While 4G networks have been able to support Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or simply phone calls over the internet, the new 5G technology will further bring about enhancements that will help businesses tap the potential of VoIP. VoIP applications require low latency, and 5G VoIP provides that. 5G opens new opportunities for organizations and companies upgrading to VoIP.

As the world steps into the fourth industrial revolution, India is all set to embrace Industry 4.0, and implementing 5G will make it easy for businesses to adopt VoIP services. Pertinent to mention here that the new technologies being adopted across sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) will be on a whole new level of enhancement through 5G.

What is 5G & VoIP all about?
In simple terms, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. After 1G in the 1980s, 2G in the 1990s, 3 G in the early 2000s, and 4G after 2010, 5G is a new global wireless standard introduced in 2019. It is designed to provide more connectivity than was ever available before. 5G is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything. This may include machines, objects, and devices.
On the other hand, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is also referred to as cloud telephony. This technology converts your voice into a digital signal and allows you to make a call directly from a computer, VoIP phone, or other data-driven devices. It is a phone service delivered over the internet.

How will 5G improve VoIP services?
The fifth-generation wireless technology will substantially benefit VoIP technology used by internet phone systems and unified communication platforms. While 4G is sufficient for consumer VoIP calling, it is not robust enough for organizations to rely on. This is where 5G can significantly provide businesses with low latency and strong networks.

According to industry experts, 5G will offer speeds 20 times faster than existing connections. This means that business organizations will no longer be constrained by internet speeds or bandwidth. In addition, higher speeds will also translate to better quality audio and videos. So, we can expect improved video conferencing, and 5G networks will also be able to support video calls with an increased number of participants.

Why should the Government promote 5G?
In addition to higher speeds, new products and services are also expected when 5G is finally implemented in India. This will produce more jobs and provide employment to the struggling youth. Besides, today’s technologies don’t quite reach people living in remote areas. Since many geographic areas are underserved and the available alternatives are expensive, 5G technologies will help businesses and consumers in rural areas.

Besides transforming lives, the 5G network rollout in India will also boost the country’s economy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently said the 5G network would boost India’s economy by USD 500 billion in the next 15 years. He said the fifth-generation network will increase internet speeds and “rapidly ring in economic progress and boost job creation.”

The Union Cabinet has given its nod to the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) proposal of holding a mega 5G spectrum auction. This is a big decision, indicating that the much-awaited 5G services, which are about ten times faster than 4G, will be rolled out soon.

(The authori is co-founder at Appitsimple Infotek; views are personal.)

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